Optional Ethnicities: For Whites Only By Mary C. Water Essay

This paper explores social issues that the world faces including ethnicity, racism, ethical poverty and nationality. It also looks into symbolic ethnicity used by white as a privilege, culture of poverty, nationality and racial social system. The whites identify with other whites basing on their skin color and the civilized western culture. Notably, the whites use this as a mean to gain benefits cultural, political and social. The cultural gains are incentives for the white owing to their identity and uniqueness. According to the article, the white community has an alternative to choose for their ancestry and origin.

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This short examination explores the symbolic ethnicity as a privilege used by the whites to gain political, social and cultural advantage. Symbolic ethnicity is defined as individualistic ethnicity devoid of real social cost. According to the article, the Americans symbolic ethnicity that has been attached to the European has changed over time. Americans of Europeans ancestry have been termed as privileged owing to their ethnic identities. The alternative that Americans have is to claim that they are unhyphenated whites. The other alternative is to choose the European ancestry as a description of their identity.

The article states that there is a need for state regulation and policies that aim to curb ethnic and racial discrimination. However, the article’s comparison of the entrepreneurship is short of inspiring metaphor and constructive guidelines. The article reiterates that there is need for the government to enact laws to end systematic racism.  However, it is critical to question the statistics and statements made by the author. Notably, the symbolic ethnic group confirms that all groups are equal, and they are interchangeable. The assumptions of stereotypes of minority groups and resentments on racial lines need to be curbed.

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