Original Myth

A long-long time ago there lived a rich and mighty King. He was exalted and known in every part of the world and there was not a single man who would not know the King’s name. Nevertheless, nowadays it is impossible to find a person who would at least have ever heard of the country he ruled.

The King was famous for the legendary treasures he owed and the splendid luxury he surrounded himself with. The bards sang songs and told tales about the King’s great magnificent palace and exceptional grandeur of the numerous banquets, masques and balls that were hosted in his enormous royal residence. Such celebrations lasted for days and nights and seemed to never end. People who lived in the city that surrounded the King’s palace never had to work hard to earn their living and their only duty and greatest ambition was to celebrate together with their great King. Their lives were filled with amusement and frolic. They drank the finest wine, ate the most delicious food and had no worries whatsoever. The people did not need any special occasion or holiday to celebrate and cheer. They forgot their own names and none of them ever knew what day it was. At the same time, each man, woman and child could easily declaim a variety of poems, odes and ballades to amaze and honor their King.

Many guests had visited the famous royal city and many have never left it. They were so attracted and captured by the untroubled and jovial life lead by city people that they desired to stay there forever and become the King’s loyal and allegiant citizens. So they lived in gluttony, greed and self-indulgence, honoring nothing but the power of gold and gratification.

Soon, the people’s hearts grew insensible to any other beauty than that of the King’s treasures and precious splendors. They were preoccupied with pretension and vanity of the life they lived and their continuous procrastination eventually led to rotting and despair. The King became mundane and apathetic and the same spirit went on to his people. Nothing seemed to amaze them anymore and nothing could bring joy or happiness into their lives. They were surrounded by abundant luxuries and pleasures, and could gratify every desire of their flesh, but they did not enjoy it anymore.

The Kind disappeared in his splendid castle and never received any visitors or came out to his people. The people’s souls were devastated and their hearts were wasted. Suddenly, they noticed how empty their city was. The fine gardens that once used to bloom and embellish it withered and languished. People forgot the beautiful sound of birds’ singing or gentle gurgling of the water in ponds. The streets of their city were exquisite, the buildings were handsome and refined and the roads were paved with gold. The people had no deficiency in food, wine or cloths.  And yet, none of these luxuries could fill the emptiness that arrived in their hearts.

Suddenly, the people noticed that a thick grey stone wall started growing around the King’s palace at the heart of their city. It grew taller and taller every day and no-one saw the workers that were building it. However, the people were so indifferent and apathetic that this curious detail did not worry them at all. Eventually, they found that their majestic palace has disappeared and a high grim ice-capped mountain appeared instead on its place. The mountain threw its awful shadow on the remains of once great and jubilant city and the people left it and scattered around the world. Nowadays, this mountain stands alone in the midst of a dull valley and no one remembers the story of a noble King that once thought he ruled the world.

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