Poe's The Fall of the House of Usher

Edgar Allen Poe is one of the most profound writers in both the theatrical and literature fields. In his books either plays and short stories he brings out the general idea of fiction and realism. He is a master in the short story perceptive like in the short story the fall of usher, he explains and brings out his concept of fiction in madness, fear and more in supernatural evils or dark spirits in the society. In this short story the fall of the house of usher’ the narrator is a long friend of usher boyhood friend. The narrator further describes the feelings of even looking at the castle which is Usher’s residence or house. Usher has never seen his long boyhood friend and thus he is surprised to learn of his letter with an urgent message from usher demanding to see him urgently. So the narrator goes to the house f usher which is vast and splendid on vast track castle land. Te fall off house of usher is short story which explains the madness of the dead spirit which haunts the living until the find what they want. The spirit upon no satisfaction then requires the living to give them what hey demand or want. The illusion of these feelings of fear and spirits creates a picture which is scary and demonic in fiction.

In the real world demonstrations and situations many events take place deemed to be or known as the result of madness or ghosts. It is hard to term as mere events which are fictitious but nope even in the Sherlock Holmes the movie or book sequence series. In which Sherlock argues about the so called witch in the society while other members of the society believes they are true but the science and manipulation of other people ad events thinks that all the events all happenings are for the few misguided people.

The fall of the house of usher is a basic shot story which introduces the concept of even reincarnation in the world. Like the dead who die are born back in the world or society and taking another form of being. The madness in the house of usher, Rodeck Usher calls his long boyhood friend the narrator to give him hand in solving his problems in the house and the spirits of the dead whom they buried. In the real life situations people have tried to seek the help of the so called spirit people to help them solve mysterious issues and unexplainable events in their lives. Like in the case your loved ones calling you at night while sleeping to the forest or outside and you sleep walk to the night explains to unexplainable but in the house of usher it generally creates the illusion in which usher went to seek the help of his friend the narrator to solve the mysterious noises and sounds from the coffin of the buried or dead.

To create a more distinction like in the movie of Sherlock Holmes in which the villain so was so called to have survived death is just a concept of tricky and science in which Sherlock doesn’t believe its true. The villain just tied a knot in the hanging rope and it created the rope not to tighten hence not causing any damage to the villain who later they think he survived and arose from his grave which was empty. Sherlock Holmes later learns about the trickery and manipulation of the villain and pus a stop to it to reduce fear among the people and the use gems or spells which will protect individuals from the spirits of the dead and those who are alive.

In the house of usher the lady Madeline of the house had been suffering from the malady, which led to her death. After the death of the lady Madeline usher forgot or did not even care at all about his activities and responsibilities in the house even around the Usher house. The narrator himself feels like the hero Sir Lancelot Canning. Eight days after the death of the lady of the house whom the narrator thought were twins with Usher. The nervousness engulfs the narrator as Usher storms into his room and throws the lamp into the storm thus it shows something wrong about their friendship and which the narrator realized about usher.

In the real life there are many situations I where people are buried alive or treated in a certain ways in which it makes them both bitter and angry for revenge. In the house of usher the lady Madeline avenged her death by destroying the house of usher and all those who belong in it. Usher buried his twin sister alive cause for the control over richness and vast of the house o and all of its belongings or what? Yet to explain the fiction in his books Poe illustrates I life events which helps to reduce or minimize anger among other individuals. The concept I which people are buried alive and then later avenge their destructors is not a new vent in the society but people of family friends have all killed each other because of money or richness.

The fall of the house of usher is a god short story which helps to bring out the anger and monstrous nature of other human beings. Loved ones can kill even other loved ones in order to get what they deem or want. In order to get what to want this is the extent in which other have gone to killing even your sister?

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