Relevance of Divine Comedy Regarding Morality Today

Divine comedy is among the greatest works of literature ever written. On the surface, it describes Dante’s journey through Hell, Purgatory and Heaven. However, further meditation into its meaning makes one discover that it is about his soul’s journey towards God (Bondanella 2003). This paper will attempt to decipher the relevance of the poem in today’s world. The poem deeply dwells on morals of the world. Nowadays, relevance of Divine Comedy also can be related to Christianity. Christian values dwell on the importance to uphold morals. Dante’s journey in the poem illustrates phases modern Christians go through today. There is a powerful significance of each stage as it is a learning experience in each of the stages. The result is that by the time Christians reach the last stage they know exactly what it means to corrupt morals. The poem removes naivety of Christians as it takes them on somewhat of a spiritual journey.

A good example of symbolism is where Dante passes through a dark wood depicting hell. Dante was aware that the path he took led to destruction. He is unable to find salvation; symbolized by the sun behind the mountain. In the end, he gets rescued by Virgil who guides him to the next stage. There are seven sins according to the Catholic Church which in the poem, get cleansed in Purgatory. The seven sins that are represented by terraces on the mountain of Purgatory can be related with lust, greed, sloth, gluttony, wrath, envy and pride of the modern world. These depict lack of morals which are deeply condemned by Christianity. In fact, these traits are difficult to avoid and have led to moral decadence in the society of the modern world. The redemption of lost souls is symbolized by Purgatory and the realization that morals need to be upheld.

Heaven is where Dante depicts the life of Christianity characterized by Fortitude, justice, and prudence. Christians consider these values the traits of individuals with morals.


Therefore, through the poem, the reader gets a glimpse of what moral decadence is all about and it is thus quite accurate to say that when it comes to the matters of Christianity, the book relates to recent times quite well.

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