Repetition on Living to One's Self

To begin with, repetition in the context of literature refers to use of a word or phrase more than once in a given literature work. The words can be repeated at the beginning, end or within a paragraph. Hazlitt William has used repetition on his work to bring out different impressions. To start with, the word “heath” in paragraph one, has been repeated in paragraph two to show that the given region which the writer was referring to had no agricultural activities or it was not yet a season for cultivation. The phrase “living to one’s self”, has been repeated in paragraph three to emphasize the importance of  being competent with what an individual is having.

The word “looked” has been repeated twice in paragraph six to show how serious poets have been curious or longing to be classified among the famous individuals in the world. Still in paragraph six, the writer brings out an impression of cowardice or envy among the actors when he says that these actors are in a state of alarm at every appearance or rumors of the appearance of a new actor. Repetition of the word appearance emphasizes cowardice or jealousy that actors have for those joining the industry. They resent competition from new actors.

In addition the writer has repeated the word “nothing” several times in paragraph four to show how an individual can become confused when he is not content with what he has. This state of confusion has been emphasized when he says that, ‘he cared for nothing and wanted nothing’. “Contemplation”, which has been used in paragraph four, has been repeated in paragraph five to show that the writer was in a state of hopelessness and confusion since he could not decide at once on what to do.

In conclusion, by repeating the phrase “I have not loved the world nor the world me” in the third last paragraph the writer means that he has never liked or had passion for the things of this world. His friends have not been of any help to him and he has not made any outstanding achievement. On the same paragraph, the word “if” has been repeated several times to show that the writer is longing or is wishing for better moments in his life.

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