This paper seeks to discuss and explain the connection between one and more of the romantic poets which are connected to or have to do with art, music and literature. This paper also intends to establish and explain if the literature has exemplified in its work.


The thesis statement of this paper is “the authors of most poems speak of love as the theme they also have deeper meanings on the same.” The authors use metaphors, symbolism and other aspects to bring out uniqueness and amazing effects in the poems. This essay attempts to approach and analyse different styles used in the poem. This paper not only discusses the connection between many different poems but also differentiates romanticism poets in relation to the music, art and literature. Poetry is a very powerful tool that can bring out emotions, intense feelings such as anger, concern among many others. In this regard, this paper tries to bring out the root or origin of these emotions. Poor literature can be very ineffective and very confusing in context. It may not bring out the effects desired by the authors but may instead bring out quite the opposite meaning from the intended meaning.


It is important to note that romanticism is an intellectual, artistic and literary approach that helped to strengthen industrial revolution in the 18th century in relation to the strengthened reactions on the same. The 18th century was known as the age of enlightenment and, thus, had a very big impact on the history of that century. This impact was driven by literature, music and visual arts. In the recent times romanticism is communicated differently but with the same intensity. The big question is what inspires a poet’s inspiration? Romanticism in literature can be applied to music, art and literature. Romanticism that is applied to music from the 18th century was known to heighten emotions and contrast through music and music notes through application of key modulations. This not only brought out a sense of freedom but also brought out a sense of individuality. The 18th century was also known as the romantic era. This was because most of the literature, arts and music were related to romance (Hart 224).

Romantic literature was equally intense and popular in the 18th century up to date. Romanticism used themes to criticize the past and other cultures and beliefs. Romantic literature includes poetry and other forms of literature such as books and journals amongst many others. The big question in this context is, ‘’what role romanticism played in the creation and emergence of fresh and new ideas for the benefit of the society and the marginalized sections as well. It is important to note that the very root of romanticism was born from poetry. The very first poets who contributed greatly to this aspect were Keats (1795 – 1821), Burns (1824) and Wordsworth (1834) among many others.

Visual arts were also an aspect of romanticism. Visual arts revived sensibility in contrast and color and created beauty in artistic work. The visual arts express emotions and moods from different situations and regards in relation to the ideas from romanticism.

What is the Connection between one and more of the Romantic Poets?

It is important to note that artistic and literary attributes focus on the consciousness of individuals. This means that romanticism concentrates and deals with subjections, individuals, personal spontaneous, emotional and visionary aspects. Romanticism was formed and initiated by poets and literature writers. Art and poetry greatly changed the relationships, human emotions and reflections (Ridley 125).

The main question is what connects the most popular poems and art work that have greatly effected and affected literature in relation to romanticism. The poems Red Red Rose (Burns, 1821) and Autumn (Kea, 1821) are connected by the figure of speech that is used in the poems. The figure of speech or the mode of expression of the main words used on the same, bring out order, add beauty and purpose to the poem. The figure of speech has a particular meaning to the particular reader. The figure of speech includes symbols, metaphor, personifications, similes and hyperboles among many others. The most outstanding similes in the poems are “o my love’s like a red rose’’. This is because it brings out comparison between two things that are extremely different in reason and meaning. The metaphors that are used in both poems help in suggesting analogy and likeness. The poems are also connected by the symbols used in the poems. The symbols stand out and represent different things. In other words the symbols have deeper meaning and do not necessarily mean what an individual may get from the first impression (Dawson 546). The other connection that is evident is the personification that is used in both the poems. There is use of human character that is distinctive. These characteristics include violation, emption and honesty among many others. The poem Red Red Rose by Burns brings out many images in the eyes of the reader. The poem Autumn also brings different images in the eyes of the reader. This concept is not only appreciated by lyrics but is also very influential and distinctive.

Analysis of the Theme in the Poems

The theme used by the poems is a theme of love and romanticism. The theme of love is used throughout the poems. Although the poems are written from different times and centuries, the theme seems to remain the same in both the poems. The theme demonstrates the attitudes of people when it comes to love. The author of the poem Red Like a Rose has brought out and reflected love like a fairytale and stereotypical (Flanagan 655). The poet brings out love as an emotion that lasts forever. Red Rose is built and structured in a very unique way in order to bring out and express intensive feelings and emotions. Note that a rose is a very unique flower with a beautiful taste and a sweet smell. The author uses the rose to love is fresh when it is at its best.

Analysis of Imagery, Symbolism and Illusion in the Poems

Most of the issues in the poems suggest and shoe that love is really inrelistic.This is because the authors use imagery to bring out the intensity of love in the poems. Symbolism in the poems has been used to bring out the different meanings which are literary to the real meaning of the poems. This has brought out great effects and uniqueness in the poems. The use of allusion in the poems has been expressed by the use of figurative speech. It is important to note that allusion is the reference to an event, person or literary work. Most of the poems have used allusion to bring out the effect that they desired convey to their readers and listeners.


This paper has discussed and outlined the connection between two different poems and poetic work. It has also discussed the differences in the poems and the poetic work. This paper has looked into the romantic poets in relation to the poetic work in artistic, musical and literature aspects in the poetry work. It has also analyzed the themes, imagery, symbols and allusions used in the poems.

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