Science Fiction

Science fiction is defined as the imaginary fiction, which is based mostly on the unforeseen future. It is characterized my futuristic attributes such as space travel, Aliens, technology and also paranormal capabilities. Invention and innovations in the field of science has greatly contributed to the rise and growth of science fiction related imaginations.

Weinbaum's and Bradbury's stories share several themes in common, which include people’s time and space traveling. In both stories, characters are seen to travel in time and space to a planet called Mars. Both stories can be categorized as soft science fiction because they emphasize relationships between different species from different planets. Despite the fact that these stories are both based on science fiction and are touching on planet Mars, there are noticeable differences since the authors have used different approaches and understanding. Some of the noticeable differences include the use of imaginary creatures by Weinbaum. Some of the creatures used by Weinbaum include a tentacle Martian creature, which was in some part of the story attacking another large creature referred to as Tweel described to be birdlike. Bradbury has used humans but in a different dimension. In his science fiction story, the writer describes a small town in Mars, which is similar to a town back on earth with humans who believed it was in 1926, but in reality it was 1960. Later, they discovered that some of the people in the small town were their deceased friends and relatives. In this story, Bradbury has used the theme of self-knowledge by emphasizing on the fact that their relatives and friends embraced their visit and held a festival for them. The writer has also used the theme of fear of the other meaning Aliens and humans. This has been portrayed when those whom they believed to be their loved ones turned out to be aliens and killed them all. In conclusion, Weinbaum’s story has used imaginary creatures, which are not believable while Bradbury has used familiar characters that are humans, hence making his science fiction a bit believable.

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