The Apple Tree by Helen H. Moore Poem Review

Helen H. Moore is the author of the poem “The Apple Tree”. She is a teacher, a poet, an author and a journalist. She was born in Glasgow, The United Kingdom. She has written numerous works, especially on children’s literature. The poem, “The Apple Tree” echoes the obsession with apples that human beings have harbored since time immemorial. This obsession is also evident in the many powerful phrases that have been constructed to depict the prestige of the apple. These phrases include “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” and “the apple of one’s eye” just to name but a few. The poem “The Apple Tree” further advances the obsession with apples as special fruits. In the poem, the speaker sees two red apples high up in a tree and proceeds to shake the tree as hard as possible in order to get them down. The speaker’s effort pays off: “And mmm were they good!”. The speaker is enthralled by the apples. He wants to “…grow some more”.

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Essentially, Helen H. Moore brings to the fore the obsession that people have towards apples. To many people, an apple holds a place of very high esteem and is revered among other fruits.  As such, people will do anything just to lay their hands on the precious fruit. In this poem, when the speaker realizes that the apples are too high up in the tree, he resorts to shaking the tree as hard as possible. The apple, therefore, holds a central position in the lives of human beings.

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