The Cask of Amontillado

To begin with, ‘the Cask of Amontillado’ is a story that rotates around the events that take place between two friends, Fortunato and Montresor. As the story begins, the narrator who is Montresor states that he has been insulted by Fortunato and he must revenge on him since he cannot forgive him anymore. Nonetheless, Montresor’s aim is to carry out his revenge without risking his life. For this reason, he had to lay down a strategy on how to murder his friend Fortunato who is a drunkard. He therefore lured Fortunato in to his trap by lying to him that he has won a pipe of Amontillado which is one of the best sherry wines. In this case, Montresor pretends to borrow ideas from Fortunato concerning wine yet he has all that he needs to confirm his subject.

 As the two friends continue enjoying their wine Montresor remembers that Fortunato has a problem of coughing and he therefore requests him to go with him. On their way back, Montresor lures Fortunato by telling him that Amontillado is around and he should take some more if he does not mind. Fortunato drinks without any suspicions and for this reason he does not even oppose when Montresor ties him to the wall of the niche (Poe 127). After chaining him to the wall, Montresor builds up the wall and entombs Fortunato then goes away from him after laughing as Fortunato pleads for his help. As the story ends, Montresor says that fifty years have passed and no one has ever known who murdered Fortunato.

Fortunato’s presences as one of the major characters in the story have really contributed to the development of the story. This is because the story rotates around the friendship that exists between him and Montresor.  Actually, the story begins as Montresor complains that Fortunato has caused him a lot of injuries and goes ahead to claim that he cannot stomach any insults from him. Consequently, he decides to take revenge on him in order to satisfy himself. Nonetheless, as the events unfold Montresor is able to lure Fortunato and finally kill him without any sympathy.

In the same line of thought, Fortunato existence has also contributed to the development of the themes that are brought out in this story. The major theme which is revenge have a lot in it that really need Fortunato in order to come out as one of the issues that the author wants to address. In fact, the story brings out clearly that the many injuries that Fortunato causes to Montresor are the cause of the revenge (Poe 123). It can therefore be argued that the presence of Fortunato highly contribute to the actions of revenge by Montresor.

So to speak, Fortunato has been used in the story in order to bring out the masked motives of Montresor who to some extend pretends to be a good friend yet all he wants is to see his friend Fortunato dead. This comes out clearly, when Montresor tells Fortunato that he has won one of the best wines and he therefore need some ideas concerning the same from him (Poe 124). In reality, Montresor does not need any ideas from fortunato but rather want an opportunity where he can execute his revenge and come out clean without any blames. It is through this trick that Montresor is able to get hold of Fortunato, makes him drink excess then killing him by suffocation. Besides this, Fortunato also brings out the irony in the story whereby his name in Italian means ‘a fortunate one’ but he is not fortunate since he is unable to escape death. The irony in this story also comes out clearly when Montresor kills Fortunato who is a very close friend and he expects protection from him.

On the other hand, fortunato presence clearly shows how hidden murder can be used to avoid the legal way of solving issues. This is because in ‘the cask of Amontillado’ story Montresor acts as the judge and executor of the case between him and fortunato and this is why it is easy for him to make the final decision of killing his friend. In this case therefore, law is not applied anywhere and this is why the evidence of the insults which Montresor claims about are not investigated. In this case therefore, absence of law makes the whole case to be biased whereby Fortunato is murdered without any evidence of accusation. Needless to say, the absence of law in any case mostly leads to the suffering of innocent people simply because they are not in a position to defend themselves.

In the story ‘why I live in the P.O.’ Welty describes the events that take place in a certain family which finally makes sister to end up living in the P.O. In fact, the events in the story begin in the arrival of Stella Rondo who has just parted ways with her husband Mr. Whitaker who once had an affair with Sister. Nonetheless, Stella accompanied by a two year old kid namely Shirley T who is believed to be adopted by all the family members’ except Sister who claims that the baby resembles Papa-Daddy minus his beard. As a result, Stella twists all the words said by Sister to suit herself by telling Papa-Daddy that sister wants him to shave his beard (Welty 146). This makes Papa-Daddy very angry and begins to blame Sister arguing that she is ungrateful to his efforts which really contributed to her present achievement.

As the events unfold in the story, Stella makes everybody to dislike Sister and to view her as a loser and therefore deserves to be treated like a stranger. On seeing that everyone in the family is against her including uncle Rondo who once sided with her, Sister decides to move out of the house and begin her life in the post office. Even though, her stay in the post office really affects her work due to the sides people decided to take after she left her family, she is still determined to live a happy life without any disturbance.

The presence of Sister in the story is of great importance to the development of the story’s plot and themes. Actually, Sister is the narrator of the story as well as one of the main characters. In fact, it is the return of Stella Rondo who has separated with her husband Mr. Whitaker that regenerates Sister’s jealousy and bitterness (Welty 145). To add insult into injury, no one in the family seems to believe any word by Sister against Stella Rondo and all along Sister is accused of saying things she has never thought about.

Differently stated, the jealousy that describes Sister’s relationship with her younger sister Stella Rondo particularly on her affair with Mr. Whitaker brings out clearly the Sister’s brutality. Moreover, the fact that Stella Rondo’s marriage has failed really amuses Sister and actually goes ahead to insist that Stella Rondo is the one who has been abandoned and not the other way round. If truth be told, Sister actually goes ahead to tell Stella that she had known that her marriage would not last (Welty 148). Along with this, Sister is very much determined to prove that Stella Rondo is always wrong.

At the look of things, it is all these events that make the story to revolve around Sister who is eventually forced to stay in the post office away from the rest of the family members. For this reason, Sister’s actions have really played a role in the development of the plot. Besides this, Sister’s being in the story has also brought out the themes in the story clearly and in a very appropriate way. Looking at the theme of isolation which is brought out by almost every character in the story Sister still plays a great role whereby she finally decides to move out of the house and start living alone in the post office away from the rest of the family members (Welty 152). This therefore isolates her completely whereby she personally admits that five days have passed since she started living in the post office and no family members have paid her a visit.

 A part from this, Sister has also contributed to the theme of the bad habit of lying since she is the one who is mostly affected by the lies. In actual fact, the characters in the story find it easy to lie than just to tell the truth as it is. In this case, Sister becomes a victim of almost all the lies in the house since Stella Rondo is able to convince everyone in the house to side with her (Welty 146). For this reason, all the family members gang against Sister and she is forced to move out of the family house and live in the post office where she can get some peace of mind.

In summary, it is safe to argue that the two characters fortunato and Sister have really played vital roles in the development of the ‘cask of Amontillado’ and ‘why I live in the P.O’ respectively. In fact, their presence in the story is what makes it to have a meaning whereby they are used to bring out clearly themes and the plot of the two narratives.

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