The Fallout of the Roaring Twenties

In the years of 1920s America underwent sudden drastic change in its entire history also known as the “roaring twenties.” In the novel The Great Gatsby, the author, Scott Fitzgerald, tries his best to reflect the life that the Americans experienced in the 1920s. In the roaring twenties, the diverse aspects of life revolved around excessive intake of alcohol, booming parties and unique fashion trends. Scott Fitzgerald uses the aspect of the booming parties to reflect the manner in which Americans lived in the 1920’s. Gatsby, the key protagonist in the novel, illustrates his prominent success by inviting friends to various grand parties. Nick Carraway, his neighbor, witnesses the manner in which Gatsby prepares grand parties. The essay will discuss the manner in which Jay Gatsby spends his entire fortune for parties for fellow American friends.        

In his book, Scott Fitzgerald uses the life of Jay Gatsby to explore the manner in which Americans spend their life organizing parties in 1920s. Since most of the Americans were celebrating victory, most of the members of the American society decided to spend their time and money for entertainment. This is indicated when Fitzgerald writes: “In his blue gardens men and women came and went like moths among the whisperings of champagne and the stars” (Fitzgerald 43). The rich members of the society exposed their wealthy status by preparing various grand parties for the rest of the members of the society. Together, the people celebrated the victory of the America.   

The main dream of Jay Gatsby was to illustrate his appreciation of the entire American society for the victory in the war. Since he had enough wealth obtained from various businesses, Jay Gatsby decided to spend his wealth on preparation of splendid parties to indicate his appreciation. In the novel, Fitzgerald writes on how a large number of Americans flowed into the home of Gatsby to attend the parties that started at nine in the morning and lasted until late midnight (Fitzgerald 57). This depicts the manner in which Gatsby was ready to spend his wealth on other members of the society as a token of appreciation.   

The other members of the society played a key role in achieving his dream in the sense that the people attended his parties in large number. The key aspect in Gatsby was to appreciate the society hence presence of people was enough even to vote for him. However, he failed to achieve his dream because of  his ego (Fitzgerald 68). The people attended the parties but hated the ego that Gatsby showed, especially towards the poor members of the society.   

The entire novel The Great Gatsby written by Fitzgerald tries to describe the “roaring twenties” in the 1920s. The author uses an example of Gatsby, one of the rich members of the society, that spends almost his entire fortune on appreciating the other members of the society. However, he fails because of his poor relation with the poor members of the society (Fitzgerald 78). 

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