The Great Gatsby Story

“The Great Gatsby” is a literary classic that follows the story of different characters in the society during the roaring twenties, and era in the development of the Unites States History. Jay Gatsby is a young man running away from hi past. He hopes that if he changes his identity, his past will fade into oblivion, and he will succeed in obtaining the wealth he so ardently needed to acquire. He has a friend who sees him through his tough times, even when the media takes a keen attention to his story. He has fallen in love with a lady, Daisy, but all the circumstances are against him. This dissertation is an analysis of the reasons why the protagonist and Daisy cannot end up together.

Gatsby and Daisy are two different people with differing lifestyles. These two characters will not end up together because of Daisy’s involvement with Tom. Gatsby so desperately needs to hear that Daisy has no emotional attachment to Tom, but that is impossible. Nick asserts that Daisy belongs to someone else now, and Gatsby should understand it. There are certain things that Gatsby requires of Daisy, but they cannot happen. He is sad to note that she did not enjoy her evening at the party, but it is beyond his control to make her happy. Daisy is married to Tom, and there is no alternative for Gatsby but to let her be.

Gatsby needs her because they are two individuals of like minds. She is a part of the same narrow-minded aristocracy from which her husband is made. She is a symbol of his heart desire; the epitome of sophistication and wealth. It is also worth noting that Daisy is an aristocrat. She cannot fulfill his dreams and desires in the manner in which he would like her to. She was too proud to sacrifice her wealth and class in society to be seen with him. Her love for privilege surpasses that which she has for Gatsby. It is evident that she, too, has an emotional attachment towards Gatsby. It is her love for class and a status in the society that causes her to resent the idea of settling with Gatsby. She resents anyone and anything that will not provide her with the class and amount of wealth to which she has been accustomed.

Gatsby desires to have Daisy as his lover, but his wealth and social status do not live up to the lady’s expectations. She has high societal standards that Gatsby cannot manage, hence their reluctance to start a budding romance. With the amount of wealth she has, society dictates that she finds a man of the same caliber and social standing as she does. This revelation comes from the manner with which these two characters act towards each other, and the conversations they have. While Gatsby wishes to ask Daisy to confess to her husband that she does not love him, she informs him that she cannot because of their relationship. Their behavior towards each other is cold and calculated.

In as much as Daisy loves Gatsby, she cannot let herself be seen with him because his wealth and social class do not match up to her expectations. She notes that she has an image to maintain, and it will be ruined by anyone who alters the society’s image of her. Their union would serve to make her the laughing stock for having settled with an individual of low social standing. Nick tries to warn Gatsby by telling him that Daisy is no suitable partner for him and that the past does not repeat itself often. Because of Daisy’s pride and love for wealth, she cannot conform to pressure and have a relationship with Gatsby

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