The Lincoln Lawyer

Michael Connelly was born in Philadelphia, PA and moved to Florida when he was 12. In his own website, he states that he got his inspiration of becoming a writer form Raymond Chandler. He studied journalism and creative writing. He also worked for a newspaper in crime department. After working for some time in the newspaper, he started writing novels. These novels were initially related to crime. These included novels like “The Black Echo”, “The Black Ice”, “The Concrete Blonde” and “The Last Coyote” etc. He published a series of novels based on numerous different characters but all of those novels were mainly related to crime. His first legal thriller ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ is also among his most famous novels. This draft is about review of the novel. He earned numerous awards for his work which includes Edgar Award, Anthony Award, Los Angeles Times Best Mystery/Thriller Award, Macavity Award, Barry Award, Dilys Award, Shamus Award, Audie Award, Nero Award, Grand Prix Award, Caliber Award, Premio Bancarella Award, Ridley Award and Maltese Falcon Award. His novels “The Lincoln Lawyer” and “Blood Work” have also been filmed. He was also a part of the team that produced Level 9, a science fiction TV series.

Michael Connelly is generally regarded, by his critics, as a writer who knows inside out of his area. Especially due to his own work experience, he was able to see the crime closely. It helped him write these crime novels in a lively and realistic way. He is known as a writer who does not work on straight defined and conventional lines in literature. He always brings creativity in his work with clear grip over mind of the reader. “The Lincoln Lawyer” however sees crime in a perspective different from the unconventional perception about it. Michael has used his writing expertise and imaginative abilities remarkably to create suspense and thrill. Peggy Blair who is a lawyer, realtor and a novelist also, in her review of this novel on her personal site appreciates the character making and mystery used by the author. She remarks the author for the realistic portrayal of the lead character in novel. She is also a lawyer and realtor. According to her, character of the novel, a lawyer Mickey Haller, is accurate and intense. Jessica Ham of Kings River Life Magazine wrote in March 19, 2011 issue that law is usually “corrupt and boring”, but this novel is written in such a way that it brings and aspect of interest in law. For her, this novel “changed the way” she looked at law and lawyers. This novel was detailed and especially the way the character of Mickey Haller is formed is appreciative though it took quite long to properly build itself. This slow mystery, however, lacks at the end where the last few events happen a bit too quick. The story is engaging which keeps the reader guessing for a while who is the culprit. I think it is the proof of author’s abilities to engage the reader throughout the novel.

The main characters of this novel are Mickey Haller (the lawyer), Margaret McPherson (ex-wife of Haller), Louis Roulet (alleged guilty) and Jesus Menendez (an innocent person who was charged guilty). Haller is an enthusiast freelancer lawyer, who works through the backseat of his car, gets a call to defend Roulet, which he thinks at first is innocent, in court. Roulet is charged with alleged murder of a prostitute. This case reminds him of Menendez who was charged guilty. But, he had always claimed of innocence. Things become suspicious after Haller’s private investigator Levin is killed after leaving a voicemail concerning the innocence of Menendez. Haller gets Roulet on bail. But, he gets Roulet arrested again for the previous murder case for which Menendez was in jail. After Roulet gets released again, he comes after the life of Haller and his family. He attacks Haller’s family, but they are saved by a group of biker boys who owed Haller for some previous case. After getting back to house, Haller meets Roulet’s mother who shots Haller, but gets killed in crossfire. After he gets discharged from the hospital, He finds a parking ticket near the crime scene of the pending murder case. It turned out to be a strong proof against Roulet. Finally, Menendez comes out of jail.

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