The Monster

 Frankenstein is a story which revolves around two individuals who cannot hold back their quest for knowledge and decides to relinquish it by taking risks. Robert Walton is a ship captain headed to the North Pole where he expects to make his discoveries. On the other hand, Victor Frankenstein is a scientist who has ended up killing his loved ones through his monster, created after attending his science classes. This essay addresses the question of whether Victor is right when he urges Walton to abandon his dream of adventure. The essay will be based on facts from the story to support the discussion throughout. It will fully support the idea of Victor Frankenstein convincing Walton not to proceed with his journey to the North Pole. The arguments in every paragraph will revolve around this idea and will stand on the reason why Victor was right to convince Walton to cut short his quest for knowledge.

To begin with, Victor Frankenstein has a reason to convince Robert Walton not to pursue his quest for knowledge. When he sets on his journey to North Pole, Walton find himself trapped in the ice and the ship cannot move any further (Shelley 2000, p 19). His being trapped in the ice can be seen as one of the many challenges he has to face while on his journey to explore. It is while here that he comes across his friend Victor frozen and almost dying after his long chase of the monster. This is after he had made the deadly monster that kills people close to him. He opens up to Walton and tells him that he had decided to chase the monster in a bid to finish it off (Shelley 2000, p 24). It is while on the chase that he gets worn out and almost dies in the ice thanks to Walton coming on time. After he recovers, he narrates his ordeal to Walton who decides to stop his exploration. From the above explanation, Victor was the right person to advise Walton to stop following his ambition. There was no need for him to continue with his journey which would he would have paid dearly with his life. His being stuck in the ice is enough to tell the reader that, he is trending on dangerous grounds. If not wrong, this was only a small portion of what awaited him.

Another reason that justifies why Victor is better placed to change the mind of Walton is because his mistakes were enough to be a lesson to others. It is always advisable to learn from other’s mistakes. There was no need for Walton to continue with his journey with the naked truth of how quest for knowledge can be harmful. When he attends the University of Ingolstadt, Victor gets an opportunity which he had been waiting for quite sometime (Shelley 2000, p 67). This is surely timely as he had always been pursuing ancient science matters which he gets an opportunity to advance with modern science at the university. No sooner has the professor started equipping him with science knowledge than he reads ahead of him and creates a deadly monster. The monster goes on to kill Victor’s brother, one of his friends, his closest person to him, his wife and his father. The monster is also to blame for Victor’s death (Shelley 2000, p 73). If the above is anything to go by, Walton made the right decision to stop his quest for knowledge after he was influenced by Victor. There was need for him to put his ambitions behind him and save his life.

The bringing of Victor in the life of Walton is a deliberate move by the author to arrest the situation. This was indeed timely. When the monster kills people dear to his heart, Victor is encompassed by guiltiness and shame. He lives a life full of misery and this haunts him as he cannot open up to anybody what he had done. He is left with no peace in his mind and heart and starts to run when the harm has already been done to reverse his action. It is obvious that this is simply impossible. It goes without saying that, this is not what we would like to happen to Walton (Shelley 2000, p 96). He with no doubt made the right decision to go back home and forget about chasing his obsession of wanting to know more than he already knew. If he had continued, it would probably might have led to guiltiness and living in fear. When he gets an opportunity to halt all this, he definitely could not have let the decision slip off his hands.

In yet another justification of why Victor was the right person to convince Walton to change his mind of pursuing his ambition is because, Victor would have probably avoided the harm by first consulting from the professor. By revealing to his friend that he had carried out his experiment without knowledge of the people close to him let alone the professor, it was another way of telling Walton to go back first and solicit for ideas from others before proceeding with his risky journey of that country which only he knew. The rather hypocritical and discreet nature of Victor led to a lot of harm. If he had consulted his professor about the same, the monster would not have been created. It would not be my wish to have Walton making those dreadful and regrettable mistakes which would have otherwise been avoided. Going by the above argument, Victor pointing out the mistake he did of doing things behind the back of everybody acts as an eye opener for Walton to reverse his decision of pursuing his dream. In fact, instead of Walton seeking for further assistance he abandoned the urge to continue with his adventure for good. It was the right decision for him to make.

Too much of something is always poisonous if the urge for discovery of new things is anything to go by. Desire for something new led to Victor being turned to an animal himself. He secludes himself from the world and becomes a slave of the monster by trying to chase after it to ends its life (Shelley 2000, p 207). This ends up in a very disappointing way and turns his life into a total nightmare that he cannot even understand himself. The monster, which is his personal creation, has proved difficult to deal with and he can do nothing about it. This would not what I would have wanted for Walton. It was just good that Victor changed his mind, and he learnt from his mistakes thereby terminating his adventure indefinitely.

Finally, when the book comes to an end, Victor himself meets his death out of his own making. This is brought by his quest for knew things. By turning himself into a slave of chasing his creation ever, he meets his death while still on this mission (Shelley 2000, p 233). If the monster caused more harm thereafter, only God knows what. By meeting his death in presence of Walton, it was enough for him to change his mind. I don’t think there would have been somebody else, who would have changed Walton’s mind. He definitely was not ready to meet his death ignorantly engineered by him. His friend had learnt his lesson the hard way; he was not ready for that.

To conclude, the author has successfully managed to deliver his message through a series of letters. He artistically brings Walton in the story so as to proceed with the narration of the story when the main character succumbs. It is strange that Walton comes one on one with the monster and he is lucky to escape death. It is time for it to end its life (Shelley 2000, p 255).

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