The Story a Jury and her Peers

The story ”A Jury and Her Peers” occurs in a scene where they call a group of women to give details of the ordeal in which people suspects a woman in relation with the death of her husband. The story also focuses on a real court case that revolves around John Wright whose sudden death surprises his neighbors Lowa. In this essay, I choose to act like Martha Hale in which in the story I represent the wife of Lewis Hale and we are neighbors of Mr. Wright, the deceased person in the story.

The background of this story begins when I walk alongside my husband Lewis in a fast motion. Before the arrival of my husband, I leave the bread that I was preparing unfinished in the kitchen although I hate this fact but, they convince me to accompany the rest to the crime scene. In the company is George Henderson, the Attorney of our county together with his wife Sheriff Peters. We all head to the home of Mr. Wright of which all of us were familiar with him. As we headed to the venue, I had to keep Mrs Peters Company as women even though we met only once. The main objective of us heading to the scene is to reveal that Minnie Foster; Mr. Wright’s wife is in custody because the neighbors suspect her of killing her husband.

The other agenda of assembling at Mr. Wright’s home is to find out about the events concerning the incidence that took place before the death of Mr. Wright. From the background of the story, my family the Hales happens to be the closest neighbors of Mr. Wright. In this incident, my husband Hale and our son are the first people to see the deceased person and his wife Minnie. Mr. Hale describes the scene when they entered that home at first that; Minnie behaved in a surprising manner as she rolled in her chair by touching her apron in pretence. When my husband asked to see his friend John, he got surprised by her response in which she claimed that; an unknown person tied a rope around her neck while they were asleep.

After a short while, the attorney Sherriff arrives with Coroner to investigate on the scene and in the process, they take Minnie to jail. In this story I play a crucial role of making the men understand the psychology of women in relation to the murder event. Maintaining the close relationship with Mrs. Peters shows a sign of our gender appreciation and the need of women to support each other. The other significant role as to why I participate in the story are when, I predict that Minnie caused Mr. Wright’s death to revenge the bird when it stopped singing. I also unite with Mrs. Peters in judging how Minnie murdered her husband and plea with the court to forgive rather than pass the rule that she is guilty and let her face the charges. Participating in such action was not justifying the actions of Minnie but leaving the decision to the court to determine her fate.

The story ends in a way that, our curious nature in the story as women enables us to find the actual evidence that Mrs Wright is guilty of her husband’s death. We find out this based on her ill motives while on the other hand, men fails to come up with the evidence of the sudden death of Mr. Wright. We hide our justification that concerns Mrs. Wright guiltiness from men and save her from the conviction which marks the end of this narration.  

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