Three Cups of Tea

Three Cups of Tea By GregMortenson is a book that reflects on the change made in the world by ordinary people. The quest of building schools in remote mountains of Pakistan and Afghanistan is most dangerous, but the writer talks of the events that transpire and how he intends to accomplish his mission of building as many schools so as to give the boys and girls from Muslim origin. The author of the book urges Americans to fight the extremist Islamic through alliances to alleviate poverty and improve their access to girls education. The book gives a reflection on how one’s dreams comes into reality and is a motivation for those specific individuals in a society who want change. The people living in these remote areas are simple, strong and proud and thus those who interact with these people will not want to live them without changing their lives. All they do is nurturing their families by working very hard in their political and environmental region that has been tortured by the military (Mortenson & Relin 1-10).

The major conflict that arose from this book is the fat that girls in the Muslim community are not supposed to be educated, but rather they should be caregivers of the home and thus education is meant for the boys. However, Greg wants to change all this and has decided to educate the girls so as to enrich the community with scholars who are going to be beneficial in future (Mortenson & Relin 11-16). In my opinion, the author is trying to change the perception held by many of the Muslims that girls also need to be well-informed especially with the changing times (globalization). Diversification is promoted in the current world and hence, Greg wants to give the girls a chance to be future leaders of by building more schools to provide accommodation for the rising school populace (Mortenson 100-110).

The book has used drama and suspense in creating the book and thus it has been made interested by the facts revealed through the research carried out during the development of the entire book. The characters are building the story into greater heights which makes a reader very interested to understand the happenings in the current world by giving solutions to the problems experienced Mortenson 111-120).

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