The stances of love, rape and seduction, are used by individuals in the society. They are a means to getting what people want, and in their most suitable manner. In the course of my interactions with people, I have experienced many instances where some of these three have been used. It is agreeable that some cases warrant these actions, but in others, there is a question of morality and ethics.

These stances are all based on the element of sexuality. While some observes may justify these stances on the basis of the results obtained, it is prudent to analyze a situation and find out the logic behind it. There was one incidence where a lady took revenge on a friend who has wronged her by seducing the husband and eventually sleeping with her. Some liberal minds might view this as normal since sex between tow conceding adults is legal. However, there are some ethical misgivings about someone who uses this act to get their way.

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A person perpetuating this action aims to trick the victim. This lady knew that she had to trick the husband so as to hurt the friend. She did not give any thought to the possibility of hurting the husband’s integrity by keeping him in the dark. Just like the arguer intended, the husband fell for her trick and hence, the plan was successful. One might wonder whether this is any different than rape. In both, the victims made to carry out an action in which they are not entirely comfortable.

In such a situation, the arguer is not sensitive about how the victim will fell after the deed is done. This is an act of selfishness and inhumanity that is meant to humiliate the victim. However, this stance is different from rape in the sense that the arguer is smooth and does not use physical force. Some might see this stance as a flattery to the victim. The arguer, just like in the situation under analysis, is smooth and persuasive. Hence, the victim easily falls prey to the tricks. To the arguer, there should be only one beneficiary in the outcome of the situation. This shows insensitivity.

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This stance and situation are inappropriate. For instance, the arguer lacks morals, by using her sexuality to get her way. It is degrading to her dignity, as well as that of the victim to use such means in order to fulfill an agenda. Such a person also lacks self respect. One feels proud by acquiring results through an honest way. An arguer of seduction has no patience or desire to use the morally allowable stance, which is love.

Out of the three stances, love is the only one which is appropriate. In fact, an arguer of love is rarely wrong. Such a person will take into considerations the feelings of the other party and will do nothing to either humiliate or hurt the other party. It is also accepted in the society and quite often celebrated. It is the basis of most relationships in the society. The question of which stance to employ in a situation comes down to the moral inclination of the arguer. It is the guiding force of what one chooses to engage their energy.

An individual should look at how his actions affect those around him. This analysis should guide them into choosing their actions with wisdom. This will help them live peacefully with all members of the society. Of course, one of the stances, rape, is condemned by law, hence one who chooses to employ it is indirectly condemning themselves for seclusion form the society, often in the form of legal punishment such as jail time.

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