Zaabalawi Story Review

Zabaalawi by Naguib Mahfouz is a short story where Zabaalawi is the main character. When one looks more keenly in the story, there are clear evidences of religious touches. From my point of view, I believe that Zabaalawi is a very strong story sticks as much of his attention are both social studies and religion. This is because of the encounters the narrator has in the story. The most appropriate theme of this story would be that of religion reason being that Zabaalawi reflects the needs in the current daily life.

The writer used Zaabalawi to help bring and reflect the nature of the spiritual need.  Additionally, Zaabalawi character can be described as that of a spiritual leader and not a doctor. This is in the sense that he meets the narrator and in the process, of healing him, he sprinkles water on him. This is a sign of spiritual healing.

Zaabalawi brings out the personality trait of being patient. In spite of the fact that he is aware of Zaabalawi existence, he can wait for him to return and come later to be healed. Loss of hope and uncertainty in the effectiveness of healing given to the narrator by Zaabalawi leads to pain. Because of pain, the narrator developed a desperate personal trait and swore to look for Zaabalawi again so that he can receive a physical cure.

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Zaabalawi is common person inflicted with a certain disease that its cure is undiscovered. Consequently, he sets to go in search of Zaabalawi who cures the disease. In the search process, there is accommodation of associates who he believes that have he some information on where about of Zabaalawi although this section in the story does not work out clearly.

The characters in the story has found some characters attributed to Zabaalawi, we can see them referring or perceiving him as god. There is this serious disease and they believe that he is the only person who can cure the disease. We can also see them going out in search for him so that he could them out.

We can also see that he is religious, the story is based on religion, and we find Zaabalawi as the highlight of the story. So we can say that the religious them of the story is installed in him. People associate with him because of his inner peace.

Many characters in the story see Zaabalawi as a way of their life. He is a way of life in the sense that, with the deadly serious disease living within them, he is the only one who has the control over the disease. If they don‘t find him, the people might end up losing their life.

The characters in the story see Zaabalawi as the absolute answer for the problem. He is the absolute answer in the sense that he is the only one who can heal the disease and assure them their safety. They perceive him as their god and the answer to all their problems. The writer sets out a journey in search of Zaabalawi who she believes is the illness and definitely will relieve him his suffering in whatever available means.

In the beginning of the story, he is seen as an illness, a saint, and man of miracles. In the beginning, there are lines, which refer to Zaabalawi as a saint, a healer and a miracle worker as well as a highly praised man. These short lines also bring out the proof that he is a religious man as based on the theme of religion. Zaabalawi is seen as a god who lives in the premises of the story characters.

The characters perceive Zaabalawi as a healer, saint and a god. Because of that, they have developed adoptability and compatibility personalities and they are able to go along well with the people. Moreover, they are able to adapt easily to his character and get along well with other characters.

The characters, perceives Zaabalawi as a life motivator and one who holds the life of people in his hands. Consequently, they have developed a driver that enables them to keep going, with a personality full of compassion, and understanding. They are able to understand his personality as well as his powers.

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This is a serious disease, but Zaabalawi is the only one able to cure. This incidence forces the characters in the story to live under tough conditions. During this time of the disease, Zaabalawi is not present and people are wondering where to get him to solve their problems. This situation forces the narrator to set out a journey in search of him. Despite the tough time and conditions, these characters have the courage that enables them to stay strong, patience and doing what is right. They are able to develop a personality, which enables them to live harmoniously with each other all the time.

Nevertheless, the characters in the story perceive him as the only person who can sustain the lives of people. This is because they go out for him to come and cure the illness. When called to come and cure the illness, he does not decline the call. Consequently, this shows that they have developed a personality trait that enables them to be responsible at all cost for the benefit of each other.

Another perception is that they are ready to live under tough conditions. The personality trait reflected in this story is that they are confident. Zaabalawi is able to cure the disease confidently and with a lot of courage assuring other characters in the story a continuation of life. The characters are confident that with him.

Zaabalawi has unique traits as he is perceived as a saint, illness and a god. The characters in the story make him different from the characters in the story because of these traits. His personality traits are far much different from those other characters in the story.

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