The whole process of working on your scholarship essay is more challenging that it seems at first sight. Particularly, the process does not merely involve the writing part but also pre-writing and post-writing stages. To get more details about them, please check out the following tips on scholarship writing:

    1. Pre-writing stage. On this stage, you need to prepare everything you need for scholarship essay. This preparation process concerns the preparation of everything: both the data needed for the essay and some technical appliances, such as pens, pieces of papers, stickers, necessary gadgets, etc.
    2. Drafting. On this stage, you simply write what comes to your mind regarding the topic. Moreover, you also have to provide examples and illustrations. You need to clearly convey the message what you think and why.

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  1. Revision. After you have written a draft, you need to revise it and make sure it can be developed into a logical final draft.
  2. Proofreading, editing, and publishing (submission). It is essential to edit and proofread the scholarship essay for mistakes before submitting it. You need to make sure that the essay is free from content, grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors as well as typos.

Define the Purpose of Submitting a Scholarship Essay: Why You Want to Get a Scholarship?

Regardless of what type of writing you provide, you need to properly understand the purpose and aim of writing. It will be a type of sign that will guide you through your essay and its development. When it comes to a scholarship paper, the core purpose is to persuade the admission committee to choose you as the one winning a grant or scholarship. As such, you need to provide strong arguments and supporting evidence in order to seem convincing in this situation and demonstrate that you stand out of the crowd. As such, you should definitely emphasize on your qualifications and educational background and demonstrate you have all the necessary skills and competencies to win the scholarship.

Make sure you identify who your target audience is. Therefore, carefully study who members of your committee are. They may comprise of student ambassadors, student graduates, administrators, college administrators, and others. By knowing who will evaluate your essay, you can better prepare and know what you are expected from. Moreover, knowing details about your target audience will help you come up with the best writing style and tone as well as vocabulary choice. Make sure you gather the following facts about your target audience:

  1. Educational background, age, and gender;
  2. What does your target audience know about your scholarship essay prompt?
  3. What does your target audience probably expect to read in your essay?
  4. What information might potentially be interesting to your target audience?
  5. Will it be relevant to explain some personal details to the target audience?

Prompt for Writing Application Essays

  1. Explain. When it comes to providing some specific life situations, make sure you explain them and provide sufficient interpretations.
  2. Describe. Make sure you paint a vivid picture with words. It should particularly relate to your personal life experiences.
  3. Discuss. Analyze the issue from various perspectives and pay attention to different viewpoints.
  4. Justify. Provide supporting evidence and strong reasons for the information and facts you provide. It should be clear why you are the best candidate to be chosen for granting a scholarship.

Scholarship Essay Sample

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