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Shopping Essays: A Comprehensive Guide

Online shopping has become an ordinary way of purchasing things. It has been estimated to be less time-consuming and more convenient as you do not need to leave home in order to buy something. Actually, the concept of home shopping has been present for many years but in other forms, such as catalogues, magazines, newspapers, TV commercials, etc. However, with the advances of the Internet, online shopping has become really simple and popular. This concept has even influenced the academic sphere as professors stared to assign shopping essays.

By now, Internet shopping has become an inseparable part of our daily lives which makes the process of purchase really fast and easy. Besides, online shopping has particularly benefited many companies as they can now sell products to customers without any retailers, thus also economizing on time and money.

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The Concept of Cost in Online Shopping

If you are required to write shopping essays for business and management, economics or even psychology class, you need to pay special consideration to the role of price. Actually, price is one of the decisive factors that plays “for” online shopping since a customer can purchase a thing cheaper than he/ she could have done from an ordinary shop. When you are writing an online shopping essay, be sure to indicate that there is a higher probability of finding lower prices on the Internet. It can be explained by a simple fact: those companies selling online do not have to pay for any intermediaries or retailers to help them spread the product. As such, the money otherwise spent to the third parties can now be used for setting more reduced prices for clients, thus attracting a rich clientele base. Moreover, the very fact that companies get huge revenues explains the fact why they can so easily put certain products for sale.

When you are writing shopping essays, make sure to mention ordinary shopping malls and their functioning as well. Shopping centers retailers set up higher costs since they need finance for property investments as well as for hiring and maintaining their managerial staff and salespeople. The percentage of customers is only limited to those people who are in the adjacent area to be able to visit their shops whereas online shopping can entail people from the whole country or even the whole world. Another disadvantage you should mention in the shopping essay about shopping malls is the big quantity of time it takes customers to spend on commuting to the shop and time spent in the shop while purchasing different things and then standing in queues.

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The Concept of Variety in Online Shopping

Internet websites allow customers find a great variety of different products in one place. What is even more important, the products can be of different types, sizes, colors, etc. When working on a shopping online essay, make sure to mention all of these benefits. In shopping retailers, you will never find such a great assortment of products in one place. Online storage is affordable and contains more space than ordinary storages, which is the reason why online shops have more products. Another advantage that if one has a few online shops, it is much easier to move the items online from one shop to the other one rather than it would have been to move the stuff in reality.

With the help of online shopping, one can also purchase different stuff from international websites where shipping is available across the world. In some countries, customers cannot enjoy a wide range of products from all over the world. In online shops, however, they can find any product they want. You can easily buy a product from another country without going there. 

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