Sample Questions

  1. Analyze and describe the many functional and structural changes that have taken place over the past century.
  2. Conduct an investigation into the behaviors and attitudes of various social groups in respect of the use/misuse of drugs.
  3. Discuss what effects might result from the proposal to withdraw the current entitlement to child benefit from earners in the higher tax bracket.
  4. Explain the work done by a community or voluntary organization or the social enterprises undertaken by non-governmental organizations (NGOs).
  5. Critically analyze the argument that gender is a consideration when planning the design and development of residential dwellings and the extent to which this factor is taken into account. Include a bibliography with your answer.

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  1. Can the practice of computer hacking ever be ethical?
  2. Compare the theory of social constructionism against post modernism in terms of how it explains parenting practices worldwide.
  3. Write an autobiographical-style essay about the life or history of someone.
  4. Would you agree that the welfare system in Britain was revolutionized by Thatcherism?
  5. Describe how the founding ideas concerning the class system can still be relevant when it comes to understanding social divisions and stratification in modern society, and the extent of this relevance.
  6. Critically analyze how homo-social bonding plays a role in the establishment of heterosexuality in males. Give two detailed examples from your reading matter on the subject.
  7. Evaluate John Searle’s thought experiment or argument on the Chinese room.    
  8. Analyze how the media represents single-sex education in the UK and account for this alongside other academic thinking on the subject.
  9. Choose two types of mental disorder therapies and compare the primary approaches in both types in terms of how they help practitioners understand and treat these illnesses.
  10. Write an evaluative report that explains the various theoretical approaches used to understand illness and health within contemporary society (you could use Marxist theory for this debate).
  11. Would you say that globalization has transformed the modern world and, if so, to what extent?
  12. Discuss Michael Shiner’s 2010 article in the British Journal of Criminology entitled: ‘Post-Lawrence Policing in England and Wales: Guilt, Innocence and the Defense of Organizational Ego.’  
  13. This task involves comparing and contrasting the views of Bourdieu and Marx on the subject of class-based conflict.
  14. Critically evaluate how the global media impacts Middle Eastern women in respect of their position, education, and economic standing.
  15. Is it right for modern feminism to be critical of classical or traditional sociology for not adequately addressing gender inequalities and their nature?
  16. Your first task here is to read “Suicide – A study in sociology” by Emile Durkheim, and then to review the text and provide an analysis.    
  17. Identify an important concept from the term “power” and define it.
  18. Consider the question of mobility and transport, and how disabled citizens in the UK are affected by inequality in these areas.
  19.  Write an essay on the gender equality revolution and whether or not this has stalled.
  20. The gender concept is one that is often contested. Identify and evaluate those debates you consider the most important in terms of the social sciences. Your answer should make specific reference to what the concept is and its significance as a means of social power and meaning in modern Britain.  
  21. What role do you think science plays with regards to the issue of homosexuality, especially as it is portrayed by the popular media? Your investigation should cover the period from the 1960s – i.e. the emergence of AIDS – to the present time.  
  22. Consider some of the most important trends and changes that have taken place in British family life over the past five decades. Base your essay on two separate sociological viewpoints or perspectives.  
  23. Communities have always played a pivotal role in the formulation of an individual’s identity and in building social groups. Would you agree or disagree, and why?
  24. Undertake a literature review and use both quantitative and qualitative methods to analyze the term “perspective” and its conceptual foundation.  
  25. This assignment has a JPG file attached with examples of certain tasks that need to be undertaken. Your answer should explain how the work is to be done.
  26. Critically evaluate Elias’s description of the modern-day state and its emergence, and the roles of sociogenesis and psychogenesis respectively.
  27. Using alienation, anomie, and rationalization (Marx, Durkheim and Weber respectively), describe the likenesses and differences in terms of the fears and aspirations these theorists held for society and its future.
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  1. Identify the factors that contribute to a short life expectancy for healthy individuals in developed countries. How do you think these problems can be solved?
  2. Analyze achievement as this relates to various types of schools. Your answer should consider gender, ethnicity, and class.
  3. Critically evaluate the different analyses that have been undertaken by feminists on the functions and forms of the modern-day state.
  4. Are the anti-globalization and the anti-capitalist movements one and the same?
  5. Explain why the principles of preventing social crime are not effective in developing practices that would be effective at preventing crime.
  6. In recent times, Western trends in terms of utopian thinking and science fiction appear to skirt around such problems as mortality and embodiment. The main themes, therefore, are cyborgs, cloning, post and trans-humanism, etc. Do you believe this could be linked to such issues as a growing awareness of the current ecological dangers, increased materialism, greater secularism, and similar things, and why?   
  7. Write an investigative essay (approximately 5,000 words in length) on current and classical theory concerning management problems. Use your findings to examine these theories in practice with specific reference to one or two modern-day problems.  
  8. Discuss the gender-based uptake on state-sponsored and personal health programs dealing with behavior issues in the United Kingdom.
  9. Describe what is entailed in building partnerships. Focus your discussion specifically on social-based capital.
  10. The Coalition on Violence Against Women (COVAW) in Kenya is a non-governmental organization (NGO). Explain its purpose and mission.
  11. The first part of this task is to read the book entitled “Reclaiming Work: Beyond the Wage-Based Society.” The second part is to critically review this 1999 work by Andre Gorz.
  12. Describe social theory as set out by Marx. Discuss its tradition in terms of its legacy in the field of sociology.
  13. Do you think that the “risk society” theory put forward by Ulrich Becks improves the way we understand the relationship that  exists between the environment and contemporary society.

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