Why I Choose Southern Methodist University

I have desired to join a world-class university such as the Southern Methodist University. The university’s location in Dallas makes it my first choice. Dallas has conducive and a favorable climate for learning.

The university has many programs to choose from. Moreover, the university has a good student-tutor ratio. Further, the university’s library is well-stocked and modernized. The university lecture halls are world-class. Also, the university has continued to enjoy good rankings.

The university has facilities like the George W. Bush Presidential Centre, a museum and an independent public policy centre. The students’ hostels also are affordable, spacious and well-catered for. Another feature of the SMU is its cheap tuition. It attracts students from different races, socioeconomic, political and religious affiliations. The students also participate in sporting and extra-curricular activities.

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Though it was founded by the Methodist Church, it was the civic leaders who had the greatest impact in establishing the university in Dallas. The SMU and Dallas community relationship have been beneficial. The university promotes economic growth in the city, offering programs like engineering upon request by the community and also establishing evening classes for the working-class. In turn, the Dallas community has continued to offer SMU with financial support, serving on SMU boards, mentoring the students and also offering employment. Another reason for selecting SMU is its alumni job placement services offered by the Hegi Family Career Development Center. The Mustang Trak helps in searching for jobs at SMU. Companies also come to look for recruits.

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