Pursuing a master’s degree in business administration is an issue of personal and professional choice, which plays an integral role in positioning oneself in the competitive globe. Having graduated last year from Florida International University with a BA in Public Administration, an MBA comes as an ideal opportunity to scale the heights of education and realize my career dreams, goals and objective. Florida International University is a global learning institution, which implies that MBA students in FIU will comprise of people with diverse educational backgrounds, goals and attitudes, work experiences, age groups and places. As a result, an MBA in FIU will result in diverse insights during class discussions that are likely to be valuable.

After graduating with an MBA from FIU, I intend to settle in Florida and work for a leading organization in either private or public sector such as Harris Corporation. In the long-term, my career goals include comprehensive growth, gaining expertise, becoming a manager or a leader within 10 years in the course of my working years, and starting a business of my own after gaining all the expertise needed for managing the business.

Regardless of the fact that a BA in public administration from FIU is likely to offer several job opportunities, continuing with my education and pursuing an MBA will offer better opportunities and benefits in future compared to the current job opportunities. In essence, the BA in Public Administration serves as the foundation for pursuing my education and realizing my career dreams. A master’s degree in business administration serves as a move ahead in the wake of the current academic inflation.

Besides educational and career goals, my son, who is three years old, is a source of motivation for pursuing and excelling in education. In addition, I envision effective public administration in Florida, which will only be realized through pursuing a master’s degree in business administration. By working for a private or a public organization in Florida, I will realize the goal of effective public governance in the United States.

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