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How to Successfully Complete the University of Florida Essay

Read the article given below and learn about the Florida State University, as well as the University of Florida Essay Requirements!

Florida State University is one of US public universities where there are about 41,000 students. Florida State University takes the 33-d place among US public universities and 81-st place on the World Report's National University rankings. Students are provided with a wide variety of different programs - 351, comprising 107 undergraduate majors in various fields of science.

Florida State University is well known for its unique social scene, as well as its top recognized athletic programs. The “Seminoles managed to win the number of Atlantic Coast conferences, as well as US national championships.

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Florida State University accepts neither the Universal College Application (UCA) nor the Common Application (CA). Instead, the applicants are to complete the online application worked out by Florida State University, which is available its website. According to statistical data, 56% of all applicants gain their admissions and become the students at Florida State University. The university has got about 48,000 applications this year, but that number of applicants is predicted to increase significantly even more in the year 2020.

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University of Florida Essay Hints

If your dream is to go to the University of Florida, but you do not know how to get into the University of Florida, you are advised to look through each line provided in this article.

Applicants are to complete an essay comprising 550 words essay after pondering on one of the a few prompts provided on the website of the University.

The purpose of essay writing is to assist the admissions board of Florida State University find out more about each applicant as a person / individuality. Although an essay is indicated as only “highly recommended, the admissions board representatives expect each applicant to submit such a piece of writing by all means. Your essay will display a personal and unique picture for the admissions board and show outstanding interests in specific programs / subjects offered at Florida State University.

First Prompt

Tell a real story from your own life, informing about an experience that demonstrates your specific character or assisted in shaping it.

This prompt asks an applicant to discuss a certain story / even / situation that either affected his /her personally. The goal of Florida State University here is to evaluate storytelling ability of an applicant and better understand his / her values / merits / character through a certain example.

It isimperative for an applicantto connect his / her story and its impact on his / her character / personality to who he / she is as a person.

Consider that in your piece of writing you should dwell on such an important thing as the demonstration of your individual character.

Take into account that an impactful and eye-catching essay is not supposed to be based on bizarre or extreme mental / physical experiences.This piece of writings is the accumulation of essential experiences that have defined how you usually react during back-breaking / turbulent / complicated times. You should carefully and scrupulously analyze the chosen incident, and not just describe it in brief.

Take in consideration that the scope of the chosen question should also include experiencesthat shaped your personality / character / spirits,so you can even opt to compose about something you have witnessed other people have done or committed. Remember to utilize vivid and profound imagination to picture the situationin the firstlines of your essay. Then devote other words left to making analysis of its influence on your character / spirits / personality. Consider that the university of Florida essay length should not exceed 500 words. It is advised to prepare a draft of the essay first and then it will be more comfortable for you to make needed additions or exclusions of some pieces of information.

Second Prompt

Choose a topic and compose your essay on this very topic.

In this piece of writing you are free to dwell on whatever you would like. While working on the composition of your essay, consider that the key idea is to present yourself in the brightest colors ever possible. This piece of writing is like your personalized manager whose key aim is to sell your to Florida State University. Thus, you should do all possible and display your best skills, experiences, and knowledge in 500 words. A tough and back-breaking task, you may thinks first, but think carefully of what is at stake and take the wisest decision in your life so far.

Third Prompt

Describe the time when you managed to make a meaningful / significant / evident contribution to other people in which you focus on the greater good. Discuss both the rewards and challenges of making that contribution.

This question is more challenging and complicated than the previous one, since you have to describe in detail an act of profound sacrifice while dwelling on your motivations. It is advised to avoid wording and repetitions.

Take into account that the “greater good contribution made by you does not limit you to cases in which you cooperated with other people. No matter the real scale of your influence, if there was a beneficiary to your deeds / actions / acts, then you can dwell on it in your piece of writing. Keep in mind that while writing about “greater good, you should not take into account class tasks or other activities required of your classmates and you.

The main goal of this piece of writing is to find out your real motivations for such a contribution which are presented as somethingunique and personal to you.

The majority of applicants will prefer to dwell on their volunteer experience that they took part in. If you settled on discussing any of community service activities, ensure that you differentiate your personal experience by making emphasis on your real motivations, as well as your true emotions and feelings during your experience.

For instance, you can choose to devote your essay to a mission trip to one of the developing countries in Latin America that you took while studying at high school sophomore classes. However, instead of discussing the whole trip, it would be more efficient to emphasize a specific moment that you faced during that trip.

Additionally, make emphasis on the contribution process and what feeling and emotions you experienced at that time

Reply to the questions listed below:

  • What could have occurred if you had not make that contribution / sacrifice? What emotions / feeling would you experience?
  • How did the contribution affect you? How did your contribution / sacrifice make other people, for instance, your close friends, family members, boy / girl-friend, feel? How did your contribution / sacrifice make the beneficiary feel?
  • What lessons did you learn from that situation?

Making emphasis on your inner development / self-improvement that happened during your experience can become an essential element to making your essay sparkle as if it is a bright start in the sky.

Fourth Prompt

Has there been the time when you have had an accepted or long-cherished belief challenged? What was your reaction? How did that challenge impact your beliefs?

The following prompt is aimed at determining a philosophical difference that an applicant has had with his / her family members, teachers, peers, society in general, or even himself / herself. In a sense, the following prompt is very close to the previous one that concerns the “meaningful contribution. In both cases, the University of Florida wants tofind out more about a process taking place in the mind of each applicant.The previous practical prompt makes emphasis on a specific actions and its effect, whereas this one concentrates more on an controversial ideological struggle / fight / contradiction.

For instance, though an applicant believed in religion all his / her life, he / she learned of a different or opposite point of view while reading a profound research paper and started questioning its validity of adhering to the religious dogmas in which he / she was brought up. Such a research paper can become the stimulus / push that led him / her in developing his /her own feelings / emotions toward specific values or even the existence of the certain deity. .

An ordinary custom essay is supposed to be devoted to discussing an incident in which an applicant fully disregarded the challenging point of view or fully threw away his / her previous ideas and followed a novel concept presented in the research paper. Such a custom essay does not display any internal revolution / re-evaluation or meaningful growth. Instead, a fascinating essay should elucidate the internal fight originating from confronting a novel point of view and the difficulties that are associated with the challenge to his/ her beliefs.

Fifth Prompt

What is the most difficult part of being a contemporary teenager? What do like most? What advice could you give to a representative of a novel young generation?

This prompt gives more room for applicant's creativity and “joy writing if compared with other types of questions. The goal in this case is not only to evaluate his / her ability to dwell on his / her experiences, but also to realize what he / she values in this life.

This essay may be rather difficult to compose well as it requires extra efforts to write an engaging, fun, intriguing, eye-catching and appropriate piece of writing. There are plenty of challenges that a teenager can experience: teenage fears / angst / phobias; arguments / debates with his / her parents; seeking his / her place in family, school, life, etc. It is great to compose an essay about “common issues / obstacles / troubles, but it is of great significance to be capable of differentiating your personal story from thousands of other piece of writing.

Florida Application Essay Sample

Pursuing a master's degree in business administration is an issue of personal and professional choice, which plays an integral role in positioning oneself in the competitive globe. Having graduated last year from Florida International University with a BA in Public Administration, an MBA comes as an ideal opportunity to scale the heights of education and realize my career dreams, goals and objective. Florida International University is a global learning institution, which implies that MBA students in FIU will comprise of people with diverse educational backgrounds, goals and attitudes, work experiences, age groups and places. As a result, an MBA in FIU will result in diverse insights during class discussions that are likely to be valuable.

After graduating with an MBA from FIU, I intend to settle in Florida and work for a leading organization in either private or public sector such as Harris Corporation. In the long-term, my career goals include comprehensive growth, gaining expertise, becoming a manager or a leader within 10 years in the course of my working years, and starting a business of my own after gaining all the expertise needed for managing the business.

Regardless of the fact that a BA in public administration from FIU is likely to offer several job opportunities, continuing with my education and pursuing an MBA will offer better opportunities and benefits in future compared to the current job opportunities. In essence, the BA in Public Administration serves as the foundation for pursuing my education and realizing my career dreams. A master's degree in business administration serves as a move ahead in the wake of the current academic inflation.

Besides educational and career goals, my son, who is three years old, is a source of motivation for pursuing and excelling in education. In addition, I envision effective public administration in Florida, which will only be realized through pursuing a master's degree in business administration. By working for a private or a public organization in Florida, I will realize the goal of effective public governance in the United States.

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