In a competitive market of boosting Chinese economy, I would like to stand out as a highly skilled professional with solid academic background, equipped with knowledge and skills in managing multiple and complex projects. Example of leadership abilities of my mother as a successful businesswoman involved in a variety of industries helped me identify managerial abilities as an important asset for my future professional development and building a successful career. My dream of building an enterprise that supports innovative ventures of small businesses compelled me to study project and risk management in depth. I would like to deepen my knowledge and understanding of the enterprise-level project portfolio management based on strategic goals of an organization. In fall 2013, I enrolled in a project management course (PJM 5900) and scored 45/45 in written assignment and 76/80 in lab assignments. It was my first experience of systematical study of project management. Prior to the course and beginning of my studies in Northeastern University, I got Bachelor Degree in Economics in Xiamen University, China (September 2008-June 2012, Top 10%). Presently, I am enrolled in Northeastern University for the first quarter with major in leadership and would like to change my major to Project Management.

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During my winter and summer vacations, I did an internship at the First Assessment Bureau of China Development Bank and the Assets and Risk Management Departments of CITIC, the largest trust company in China. Besides working on assessing risks of financial projects and assets securitization, I participated in strategic project planning and took on responsibility for development of project milestones. Experiencing planning, execution, and control of the projects firsthand, I strongly felt interested in project management, especially in risk management. I have a dream to build my future career as a professional in risk management, learn how to avoid project management pitfalls, and develop metrics to determine performance and success rate of a project. I need to equip myself with advanced knowledge and expertise needed to perform risk and cost estimates, budget management, and successfully and cost-effectively lead complex projects from inception to completion. During my studies in XiamenUniversity in 2010, I participated in a number of events and activities that contributed to the development of my managerial abilities. In Tsinghua University Annual Conference on Economics, my team won among 196 competitors by designing a monitoring model and proposing innovations for China’s vocational education development. Among other involvements, I played a key role in founding and directing Xiamen University Volunteering Etiquette Team that has offered numerous etiquette services to large-scale events. I believe this provides evidence that I can perform successfully in a rapidly changing environment.

In order to fulfill my dream of building an enterprise that supports innovative ventures of small businesses, I would like to change my Master’s major to Project Management.  I am confident that studying Master’s program in Project Management combined with my commitment to excellence in studies will help me to achieve full potential by learning to lead complex projects. I feel confident that I will benefit from the change of my major to Project Management. NortheasternUniversity has a renowned reputation for its Project Management programs. I am applying for University’s highly esteemed program in Project Management with determination and enthusiasm. I am confident that with a solid background in academic studies and practical experiences, I am qualified to take on challenges of changing my major. My passion is to contribute to the development of innovative technologies, and I believe that Master’s major in Project Management will be instrumental in helping to make my dream come true and contribute to the development of science and new technologies.

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