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It is good to go on vacation. School can be boring sometimes and therefore, vacation helps people have a good time, relax and come back refreshed and rejuvenated. Last year during the summer holidays, I learnt important life lessons. I learnt both spiritual and temporal lessons.

The most important lesson I learnt was that the Heavenly Father answers our prayers. During the trip, my family and I were travelling for a six-hour trip from Washington DC to California. We decided to travel by road because we wanted to have fun travelling. As a result, I said a personal prayer to God and asked for a safe and eventful trip because such long drives can be dangerous. My prayers were answered as we reached safe and sound. However, after three hours of driving, the air conditioner in our car went out and temperatures soared to more than 100 degrees. As a result, my folks decided to travel to travel all night and sleep in a hotel during the day and travel when it was cooler. Unfortunately, we blew a tire but we pulled off safely and changed the spare tire we had. The nearest exit was almost a mile away. When we reached there, we found that there was a hotel and a tire repair spare tire.

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We continued with the remaining part of the journey and reached safely and stayed in California safely too. I thanked God for all that He did to us and asked for His mercies during the return journey. Am glad we reached safely and as they say, “I saw God hand.”

I am not a strong spiritual person but I felt that God continued answering my prayers. I learnt one of my life long big lessons; that God does answer our prayers and we should be faithful to Him.