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Term Paper is a standard of a session essay produced either in the end of semester or by the termination of a studying year in higher education schools as universities, institutes, colleges, academies, etc. It is fulfilled by a student as a test of his/her theoretical knowledge available for the further progress of practical skills and search of favorable projects resolutions. The aspect of termination is determined by check point and assistance of a supervisor on the whole piece of the students work. The student who is working out this paper manages to get sources of information independently. The supervisor gives only instructions how to use a source of information in writing. The printed variant of the paper is preferred simply to avoid misunderstandings from individual hand-writing of each student. Who knows that a supervisor may recruit a pretty number of students to get them through terminal academic examination, got to know that recruiting is voluntarily arranged.

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The students have a right to choose a supervisor for the check writing among the registered list of instructors recommended by the head of the faculty, department or cathedra of the education establishment. The sources of information vary in many ways depending on measures of each student’s access to different sources of information (books, videos, tapes, web-sites, lectures of instructors, ready-made papers, etc). The supervisor gets students aware of restraining themselves from excessive abuse of ready-made papers help. A good piece of paper is worked out when students tries to write assay with own interpretation and erudition skills. However this gives only a good half of work. Practically the instructor is hard on acknowledging radical independent writing especially when it goes about accurate sciences like engineering, medicine, programming, principally the same story with abstract sciences as philology, history, sociology, etc.

Having the start of 21st century outdoors it is nowadays impossible to check the proficiency of students’ writings that means there is a significant gap between conservatives and radicals in new day problems realization in any scientific circle of society. The problem of plagiarism and exploitation of students’ works by the supervisors occurs sharply as the new day problems have their extra ordinate price on higher levels of intelligent recruiting.

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Financial institutions and accounting professionals have an obligation to perform their respective duties with integrity and diligently. However, it is easy for some individuals to exploit vulnerabilities that present in legal and regulatory frameworks. In addition, others choose to commit unethical accounting practices that lead to significant losses of investor funds and cause dire situations such as the 2008 financial crisis (Greenspan). The perpetrators of the crisis saw an opportunity and exploited it, without considering the potential implications of such actions to the members of society.

In a utilitarian ethics perspective, the actions of financial institutions that caused the crisis were unethical since they sought to benefit a few individuals while subjected the greater percentage of society to economic distress. This paper will evaluate the utilitarian perspective of ethical conduct with of view of potential implications of institutional decisions and actions on the wellbeing of society. Therefore, an emphasis on the assertions of utilitarianism on approaches towards the prevention of a potential financial crisis in future will be integrated in the assessment of institutional ethics and decision making... Read more


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