I (your name) aged 25 years would like to be admitted in Texas A&M University at Galveston to pursue a degree course on Marine Fisheries. I come from a humble background where my both parents are Christians. We were raised in a nuclear family of three children one girl, two boys and my both parents. I pursed my pursued my primary and secondary educations in academies. On both levels of education, I had excellent performance. Both my parents are employed in different job opportunities in the sense that they are financially stable. They had the capability of outstanding the school fees of the three of us up to college levels. My interests and hobbies are swimming, reading novels during the night time, socializing with people, travelling abroad on education purposes and research and listening to music on my leisure times. I am an honest, intellectual and humble person. My height is 5.4 feet and weighing 58kg. I am a healthy and energetic person.

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I am capable of speaking in several different languages such as English, Spanish among others. While in college I had a project on how to start my own firm on in mariculture and aquaculture. My dream is not yet accomplished since I had inadequate knowledge and skills on how to manage the whole firm. In addition, I had inadequate initial capital. My main goal on applying an admission in pursuing Marine Fisheries degree course is to gain knowledge and skills hoping that one day my dream will be achieved. Once in my lifetime, I worked in the fish hotel where I worked in a department of preparation and cooking the fish. Although I had no skills in hotel management and catering, I worked efficiently and effectively. In additional to my professional skills, I am a computer literate in various packages from different schools.

Recently, I had one year attachment in Gresco Marine Fish Farming Limited in Diploma in marine fisheries. I was working as in the department of cultivating shellfish and algae in the open ocean. I used to farm in multiple ways which included either on ropes, in cages or bags or within/directly to the intertidal substrate. The experience I got from there is that the shellfish and algae do neither require fertilizer or feed outputs nor antibiotics or insecticides for their growth.

I was also introduced to another new approach to mariculture where I was directed on how to cater marine organisms under controlled, high energy and exposed ocean environments beyond significant coastal influence. In an open ocean aquaculture we used nets, cages or long-line arrays that were towed, moored or floated freely. I also acquired skills on how to raise fish in seawater ponds, how to apply sea ranching method, how to protect the environment, as a result, of mariculture farming and the environmental and economic benefits of mariculture farming. Focusing on environmental protection, we were cautious on wastes from cage cultures, farm invasive and escapes, genetic pollution and parasite and disease transfer and modification of the habitat. Economic benefit of mariculture is that the ranches used to produce fish at lower prices than industrial fishing hence increasing the economies of scale where people consumed proper diet. I have a letter of recommendation attached in my admission letter. The challenge I had Gresco Marine Fish Farming was the bad gases exhausted from the wastes where I used to faint sometimes.

I would appreciate on your favorable reply on admission at Texas A&M University to pursue my favorite stated course of my dream. My academic certificates and various recommendation letters are attached at the back.

Yours faithfully,

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