In comparison with other application essays, the University of Texas essay is quite lengthy as it requires minimum 1250 words. It should be an honest story revealing your personality from different perspectives. Each prompt needs to shed light on a certain aspect of your personality, covering your upbringing, your current academic performance, as well as your future career goals. If you want to succeed with your application essay, you should not underestimate its significance but dedicate as many efforts as needed to create a true masterpiece that will impress the demanding application committee members. Reading hundreds of application essays on a daily basis, they want to read something extraordinary, appealing, and exciting. Besides, if you want to get positive feedback on your personal statement, you need to follow your University of Texas admission requirementsprecisely and make sure your paper fully aligns with the University policies and values. All in all, instead of focusing on your academic achievements, tell the story that will help the admission officers understand who you are and what is your motivation to get an education in this University.

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How to Write the Awesome University of Texas Essay?

Prompt 1

Tell about the environment you were raised in. Describe your home, family, neighborhood, and community and explain the influence of your background on your personality. Every applicant needs to submit an answer to Prompt 1.

You need to realize that the first prompt is a particularly important part of your application since it focuses on your background and environment that has contributed to your development. In this essay, be sure to explain what were the circumstances that shaped your personality? Indeed, there are multiple options for the development of such an essay. However, keep in mind that,first and foremost, this assignment aims to open the window into your personal life. Before writing your answer, spend some time brainstorming on this topic. We recommend you to answer the following questions to reach the best result possible:

  • How do I define my background?
  • What is the role of my family in my personal and professional growth?
  • Do I play a specific role in my community?
  • How did my neighborhood and environment contribute to my development?
  • Did I enjoy going to school?
  • Do I have friends, who helped me become a better person?

The University of Texas Essaymay include but it is not limited to the answers to these questions. Indeed, they only aim to help you understand your personality better. As you can see, by focusing on four important aspects such as home, family, neighborhood, and community, you will write a direct and focused response. Besides, if there are some important aspects that fully coincide with the University`s culture, do not forget to mention them. For example, if your parents have taught you to be tolerant and respect others regardless of the color of their skin, race, gender, age, or social status, you definitely need to mention this point in your essay. If you were raised in a multicultural community, you may also mention how this experience helped you assimilate in the contemporary diversified world. Fill your essay out with the interesting figures, appropriate jokes, and correct wording, and the admission officers will enjoy when reading it.

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Prompt 2

Describe your future plans. What career are you going to pursue? Explain your choice by providing sound evidence.

Whereas this prompt requires you to write about your future career plans, your essay may also focus on your previous achievements that helped you understand what career you want to pursue. If you are going to mention your scholastic interests, be sure to mention how they refer to your career plans. If your future goals are pretty abstract, and you do not know what you are going to achieve in your future, try to find the reliable websites with the pre-written templates and you will see how these essays should be written. Do not try to lie and show yourself better than you are. Keep in mind that this essay needs to show you as a real individual with fears and hesitations, however, this individual is strong and determined enough to face all challenges with dignity. In order to understand what career you want to pursue, you need to think what are your strengths and what skills make you different from other applicants. Do not be afraid to tell about your bravest plans. You will not be asked to fulfill all your career expectations; however, the committee members will learn that you are a passionate and goal-oriented person ready to move forward despite all challenges and hardships. If you know your area of interest, do not forget to mention what made you choose this area. For instance, maybe you want to pursue your career in a Finance field because your parents have told you that this career is well-rewarded or maybe your willingness to become a nurse was predetermined by your readiness to provide people with the compassionate care and support. Whatever the reason is, your primary goal is to demonstrate that your decision was deliberate and well-thought. 

Prompt 3

Do you believe that your academic performance provides an accurate representation of you as a potential student at the University of Texas?

This prompt gives all the applicants a great chance to analyze their academic performance and explain what particular steps they are going to take to improve it at the University of Texas. In this part, you can mention that you are ready to dedicate much time to both the study and the extracurricular activities since it will help you make a great investment to your future and become stronger, more confident, and mature. There are two important points that need to be discussed in your essay: your triumph and your struggle. As such, you are free to talk about your previous experiences, successful projects, promotions, and other achievements that contributed to your development. However, when talking about your victories, do not forget to tell about your struggle on the way to success. What did you sacrifice in order to become who you are? Besides, you can talk about your failures focusing on the lessons you managed to achieve from them. Remember that your essay should not evoke pity. Instead, you need to show that your previous experiences have shaped you into a passionate person ready to broaden the horizons and break the limits. All in all, this essay needs to clearly state that you consider the University of Texas a missing unit in your successful development.

Prompt 4

How do you define leadership in your life? Are you a leader? What skills and qualities are inherent to a true leader?

Do not know how to get into University of Texas? Show them that you are a talented and passionate leader! The topic of leadership is vitally important part of all applications because the admission officers want to know whether you are a leader and how do you define the concept of leadership. As such, when writing aTexas State University essay, you may talk about the essence of leadership and your personal philosophy of leadership. You can also tell if you consider yourself a leader and if your answer is “yes,” what personal qualities allow you to believe so. Do your close people seek your support or guidance? Do you serve as a motivation for your friends? Do you have some leadership experiences? What was the most serious problem you had to solve in your high school or college? If you know that you possess the essential leadership skills, feel free to tell that you are determined, responsible, and goal-oriented leader, who can work in a team but can also take serious decisions when the situation demands. We recommend you to emphasize that for you, leadership is much more than just a title. It requires responsibility for words and actions since all of them have specific consequences. What is more, to summarize your essay, you can say whether you see yourself at the leadership position at the University of Texas. 

All in all, we do hope that our guide will help you write a wonderful University of Texas Essay that will reveal many angles of your personality. Follow our suggestions and get the desired outcome!

University of Texas Essay Sample

My career goals in the field as a nurse practitioner include using my acquired a knowledge and experiences to offer quality and professional nursing services to all my clients while ensuring that I strictly adhere to all the professional guidelines, instructions  and ethics as expected of me by my profession.

Earning an MSN degree will help me achieve my career goals stated above in that it will instill me with the much need knowledge and experience that will ensure that I serve my purpose as a professional nurse with utmost diligence and professionalism. Earning an MSN degree will also make me be aware of the complex issues regarding the field of nursing and more so broaden my capacity of critical thinking hence enabling me to be there at all times ready to offer solution as quickly as possible and with utmost accuracy to problems regarding my profession.

My academic interests include pursuing my studies in an environment that is characterized by high levels of team work and discipline. Another interest is being able to join the body of professionals in nursing who are able to instill me an inspiration as well as a challenge to be best that I can in my career.

My strengths at this time include being able to work in team work as well as on personal level with limited supervision and with most respect.  I am a person with high self drive and commitment to everything I am endowed to. Given my personal self drive I have a problem dealing with people who are not responsible and not committed to what they are supposed to but I have been dig my best to learn and increase my tolerance limits because it affects my performance  when team work is of essence.

I have chosen The Texas Women University because various reasons major one is that it offers a supportive learning environment and in addition to that it is accredited to offer a top quality academic programs and have a conscientious professors who will make my career climb to the next level.

I hope that by joining The Texas Women University I will be able to perform physical examinations as well a preventive health care measures with in the prescribed guidelines and instructions of a physician.

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