One of the most popular and prestigious US public colleges is the UCLA, University of California, Los Angeles. It has already existed for more than a century, and its reputation is flawless. Writing a UCLA supplemental essay, students always know why they have decided to choose exactly this school. It is an educational institution which is known for its open nature, provocative ideas, innovative thinking, diversity, and premium quality of students’ knowledge. This is the school which has overcome a lot of obstacles on its way, but now it benefits from all the learned lessons. High competition is what applicants always face when it goes about admission to UCLA. It is one of the top educational establishments in the country. Thus, the applicants need to be very careful about UCLA application deadline and all the requirements. For sure, you would like to get the best chances of getting the status of a student here. Thus, you cannot disregard any aspects of an application process. Here, at Primeessays.com, we want to provide you with sufficient support for you to feel confident. Have a look at our prompts for the applicants below. If you study all the application requirements for UCLA in detail, you will be able to meet them easily.

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Prompts to Writing a UCLA Application Essay

Consider all the key questions carefully when you apply for the University of California, Los Angeles. Choose four questions you like the most and make sure that that the length of an answer does not exceed 350 words. You can view such essays as the task of composing a personal statement. It is also a common response on the topic that is relevant to you. For sure, it is reasonable to choose the topic which can make emphasis on your best features as a candidate. Focus on the aspects that are not mentioned in all the other parts of your application. Highlight all the strengths of your character and personality as the UC system can choose you only if you look as a suitable candidate. Actually, writing a UCLA admissions essay, you need to consider that there is neither a right nor wrong answer to the asked question. You show your personality. That is what you are to do! The commission needs to know about your personal goals, passions, interests, ambitions, and concerns. In case you are trying to write a UCLA supplemental essay now, you have come to the right place for support! We will be your reliable guides in your journey to writing success. To do that, we have prepared some prompts for you. More than that, we give you a list of do’s and don’ts so that you knew what to do and avoid in your writing. We will be happy if you find our resources useful for you.

Prompt 1

Dwell on a leadership experience which shows your positive impact on other people. Describe how you managed to make a valuable contribution to group efforts or resolve some dispute.

Learning how to get into UCLA, you need to know how to present your leadership skills and position. Try to give understandable context and explain the background of your motivation. The question is – what drives you to success? It is great that you have got a number of achievements. The thing is to interpret them in a proper way. Actually, the admissions officers need to know not what you have done, but why you have done that. Also, you have to give a detailed explanation of the impact made on others. Try to be as specific as possible about the conditions, circumstances, and impact made.

Prompt 2

There is nobody without any creative side. Describe your way to express it: original thinking, problem solving, etc.

A lot of students truly believe that if they cannot draw a self-portrait or make a poem, they are not creative at all. That is a mistake! A creative side means much more than doing arts. You can show how creative you are by searching for answers or solutions to different problems. Creativity can be different depending on the type of the pursued career. You may believe that your straightforwardness is not the answer to the question how to get accepted into UCLA. Well, it can be one of the keys. It is reasonable to start writing with a clear answer with no generalities. Tell how meaningful it is for you to do certain things. Consider that what you did matters less than your inner motives and impact of your actions.

Prompt 3

Which skills of yours do you view as your greatest strength? Which valuable talent have you developed over time?

One of the aims UCLA admissions essays set is to see how you got to your current level. Your talent can be not really impressive, but the process through which you have gone matters a lot. Focus not on the destination, but on the journey and its impact on your life. Make your story stronger and more impressive with life examples. Share your individual perspective instead of sounding abstract and general.

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Prompt 4

Think about a certain educational opportunity and tell how you have benefited from it. You may also focus on the educational barrier you had to overcome.

A UCLA supplemental essay proves that problems exist even in the life of the most successful students. Do not retell what has happened. Give an idea and try to hook your readers at once. After that, you can add particular stories about your individual achievements and experiences. Have you checked on the answer to the question, ‘what is UCLA acceptance rate?’ If you have, you definitely know that you need to exert special effort to be among those lucky candidates. Have you got any great opportunities at your school? Have you made use of it? Does it play any significant role for your future? Have you ever faced adversity? Did you manage to overcome it? Once again, UCLA admission is successful only if the officers see the answer to the question about your lessons learnt, impact of those lessons on others, and potential value in the short- and long-term perspectives.

Prompt 5

Tell about a serious challenge faced and what you have done to overcome it. What is the effect of this challenge on your academic performance?

It does not matter which challenge you choose to dwell on. It can be a personal, academic, or family issue. You can even tell about a community problem. A UCLA supplemental essay is not a competition of people who face challenges on their way. It is actually a chance to tell more about how persistent you are and how you can demonstrate your personal integrity. Your personal experience matters! It may be not easy to refer to your personal background related to your vulnerability, but it tells a lot about your personality.

Prompt 6

Which subject at school inspires you? Tell how you managed to develop your interest in the subject either outside or inside the classroom.

This UCLA essay prompt lets you tell that you are excited about studies. You are a person with outstanding intellectual curiosity and it is natural for you to strive for more in your learning. Try to demonstrate that you are driven with a huge desire to learn. Tell about your motives and your passions, referring to extracurricular activities. Avoid vague parts in the story. Try to sound as specific as possible.

Prompt 7

How have you managed to make your community or school a better place?

Overall, UCLA supplemental essays refer to your personal tangible experience. You want to make a change in the world you live in. Respond to the prompt, telling about your personal effort, reasons for your actions, faced obstacles, and made decisions. The focus is to be on the final outcome of your action. All UCLA essay prompts are developed to let you show your dedication, commitment, and proactivity.

Prompt 8

Beyond the content of all previous UCLA essays, what makes you a suitable candidate for admission?
Every ucla essay tells a lot of significant things about your life, attitude, and education. Mention some specific reasons for choosing the UC system among many. Share your own perspective and let your UCLA admissions essays reveal the entire spectrum of your personality. Please note that you are the one who chooses the prompts to respond to. Select only those prompts that show your individual character and background in the most favorable light. The best ones for you are those relevant to your life. The UCLA admissions committee value when an applicant pays attention to different aspects of his or her personality as the picture becomes clearer and the choice becomes better-grounded. There is no need to guess which answers the committee will like the best. The thing is to show Real You.

Extra Tips for the Students Struggling with a UCLA Supplemental Essay

So, you have decided which prompts you choose. You have brainstormed the ideas and now you know what to tell about. Still, you find it complicated to write a UCLA admission essay which is both interesting and impactful. Have a look at some supplementary tips that will be useful for you at the stage of getting ready for actual writing.

  1. No procrastination! Start early.
  2. Take enough time for considering the content. Think about each topic and reflect over every aspect carefully.
  3. Avoid wordy descriptions. The length of your UCLA supplemental essay is 350 words and not more than that! Storytelling is not relevant here.
  4. Give clear answers. Check whether each fact you have included is relevant.
  5. Demonstrate your views and thinking.
  6. Eliminate repetitions. A lot of applications for UCLA give the same ideas in the resume and essays. That is a wrong approach! Highlight your particular features of an outstanding candidate here, not your scores and grades.
  7. Take a new angle in every answer. Each UCLA application essay is to present a different aspect of your personality.

Can the readers understand your main points, skimming the answers you have given? Your personal insight ought to be crystal clear in your writing. Your UCLA admission status is a matter of about 6 – 7 minutes of reading through your notes. Several minutes only for the ENTIRE APPLICATION! We hope that you will get through all the troubles and stress to make all of your UCLA application essays brilliant. In case you need more details about the support from Primeessays.com writers, we are ready to discuss all the matters with you right away!

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