To the Admissions Officer,

University of Chicago

RE: Application for Early Decision to University of Chicago.

I am a young student, enjoying senior year in high school. Anybody scrutinizing my private life would find out I am a straightforward person, interested in IT and forensics. If I were found by anybody in my room unprepared, the person would find me browsing web in search of documentaries and criminal investigation software. I like Faces 4.0 computer program, possessing a unique option of storing the faces of all the criminals caught in the past (Loftus 2002, 70).

I enjoy spending time with my uncle who runs his own investigation company. One day I went for a visit and met him dealing with a complicated investigation. The suspect deleted some files from his computer, and they were essential in providing the evidence of the crime he had committed. I happened to know how to handle the data recovery software, and I recovered the deleted files. At this moment I realized that this was the career I would be most comfortable to go for. I wish to specialize in this career since I have a developed childhood passion in the same field. A chance to study at Chicago University would allow me to succeed in developing my future the career (Gerson 1998, 68-70).


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