The University of Chicago is widely known for its commitment to education and scientific investigation. It should be noted that a large number of the laureates of the Nobel Prize studied at this education institution. Those studying at the University have a possibility of attending lectures provided by famous professors and enjoying the extraordinary diversity of Chicago.

Supplemental essays, that are often an addition to the university of Chicago application essay, are one more thing which the educational establishment is famous for. It can be said that supplement essays are rather intricate and require much efforts of the applicants if they do aim to enter the said university.

Since the essay prompts given to applicants are rather general, they may find it difficult to create the first draft. However, you should not get concerned about the matter, as we have compiled a list of excellent tips that will help you figure out what your admission essay to focus on. Thus, look through the presented hints and get started.

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The University of Chicago Application Essay: Particulars of Writing

Clue 1. Now, when you are aware of some facts about the University, tell how it can help you realize your dreams concerning studies, living in a student community, etc. Please state what you are aspiring to and how your plans relate to the selected educational institution.

Such an essay, the one giving reasons for studying at a specific educational institution, is the best means of differentiating those who strongly desire to study at the University of Chicago from those interested in other schools.

Since it does not stated what number of words such a paper should consist of, it is recommended to create a piece including about 650-750 words. At first, you may consider such a paper rather lengthy. However, within the stated word limit, it will be easier for you to explain the admission board why you have decided to study at the mentioned university. Unlike short essays, this one will give you an opportunity to discuss all aspects of the University of Chicago and not only a couple of them.

When creating your piece of writing, tell readers about your keen interests, not only those relating to studies. Keep in mind that the University values the applicants who undertake different kinds of activities and are able to pursue them while building their academic career. For example, at present, it is not weird to come across the biologist who is skilled at breakdancing.

In order to compose a powerful paper, you can divide your reasons into four sections: academics, research possibilities, extracurricular activities, and the life on campus. Then, you should fill the created sections with a few items you will discuss in your work. Be precise and clearly explain how each item relates to you.

For instance, you will not grab the board’s attention if you say that the University offers superior educational programs. Still, if you state that this educational establishment has the first-class research facilities for conducting experiments on solar energy, what corresponds to your goals, you will definitely succeed.

You will not find it difficult to discuss the items relating to the research section, as there is plenty of information about the University research projects on the university webpage. As to the sections focused on extracurricular activities and the life on campus, it is better to talk to students studying at this educational entity. We have talked to a few people studying at the University and created a list of the major reasons for which they consider it is worth choosing the very educational institution. Certainly, you are free to present your own reasons, however, do not throw this list away.

  • Point 1. The University has a great number of long-established traditions and customs. Therefore, those applying to it will have a possibility of not only participating in various engaging activities but also organizing those events once they start living on campus.
  • Point 2. Already created clubs are strongly supported by the school, and the new ones are given many opportunities for their development. It follows that you will definitely find the ones corresponding to your interests.
  • Point 3. The clubs providing diverse social activities pay close attention to issues taking place in the city. They help people fully comprehend the specific of those issues that are often misinterpreted. It means that the candidates have a chance to not only get great higher education but also learn to apply the acquired knowledge to solving the problems of a global character.
  • Point 4. The scheme of living on campus is quite efficient and aimed at building smaller student groups and assisting the freshmen in adapting to a completely new environment. The college administration strives to house each of the accepted learners in the dorm corresponding to their character and passions. In addition, both the RA and RH are professionally trained to create a friendly atmosphere where everyone will fell themselves comfortable.

If you want to find out more details about the University, feel free to look through the collections from previous years.

When dealing with the second clue, you will be supposed to pick one of the offered six prompts and produce an extended essay.

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6 Prompts to Produce an Extended Essay

Option 1.

In 2015, in Melbourne, there was invented a “tree mail” service. What does it mean? All tress in Melbourne got their own emails so that its residents had a possibility of notifying about any tree-related matters. The outcome of such an experiment was totally unexpected, as a large number of people started writing emails, often the humorous ones, to their trees. You can also try your hand at sending emails to your favorite things (here it goes not only about trees) and share it with us.

When working on such an option, you get a marvelous opportunity to present any story to the admission committee. You can describe some vivid moments from your childhood, talk about some funny cases at work, etc. For instance, if you desire to explain the board why you have decided to study Geography, you can write a letter to the first country you have visited as a tourist.

In case you want to explain why you have made up your mind to study History, you can address any of your favorite historical figures in your letter. When composing such kind of email, you can emphasize that there are still many unknown details about a specific figure despite the fact that much information is already revealed.

If you do not have a clue about what to concentrate your letter on, you may consider discussing some touching issues and the things that matter a lot to you. In today’s world, which fully depends on materialistic issues, some small things which we decide to store can disclose a lot of interesting information about us.

For instance, if you find some of your toys in the attic, try to use them for writing your paper. What memories do the toys evoke? Why have not you thrown them away? Brainstorm ideas and strive to develop your reflections. Write about everything even the things that may seem quite ordinary. Sometimes, the simplest items can turn your essay into a profound work and make people ponder over serious issues.

Option 2.

You are in the fourteenth century sailing across the stormy sea. What would you do if you came to the edge of the Earth?

When developing this prompt, you will need to talk about some discoveries. Those who enjoy History, Geography, or creative writing will find this option rather attractive (it does not mean that others will not enjoy working on it). What you need to do is use your imagination to create a thrilling story.

There are different methods of composing such a story. However, the best way is to develop a prompt by writing a short narration. The following questions will help you make the writing process easier:

  1. How did you come to the edge of the Earth?
  2. How did you realize it was the edge of the Earth?
  3. How it looked like?
  4. What did you do next?
  5. What would you tell people if you came back home?

What is good about writing supplement essays for the University of Chicago is that you can be yourself and fully express your individuality. When creating such papers for other educational institutions, the applicants usually need to describe their traits of character, skills, talents, etc. However, everything is the other way round when it goes about this University. Now you know how to get into the University of Chicago. You need to craft a piece of writing completely concentrated on your personality. In this case, the aforementioned prompt is right for you. Since the given situation is more than unusual, there is plenty of room for imagination. You can either explore an absolutely new world or explain how you have surmounted the posed obstacles. It is up to you to decide what to focus your essay on.

Option 3.

There are many terms denoting specific things. All of them originate from some languages. Invent you own term by using the segments from any language, present its meaning and state the cases where it can be used in the most appropriate way.

If you are speaking several languages, it will be interesting for you to create an essay focused on the aforementioned issue. In case you know a word or a word combination that cannot be translated into English, you should not miss an opportunity to make its thorough analysis and indicate the situations where it can be utilized and in what meaning. When producing a piece of writing on this matter, you will have a possibility of showing not only how much unknown information is in the world but also the effect the words can make on people.

Actually, you do not have to talk several languages to write an essay about new words or expressions. You just need to create a word denoting some feelings or emotions you have experienced, or the situation which you have faced, and start developing your idea in the way which you consider the most suitable. For instance, you may create a term identifying the pain a person feels when stepping on a small brick which children usually play with. One more option is to invent a term denoting a pleasant feeling of eating a warm pie that has just been taken out of the oven.

Once the word you are going to write about is created, you need to explain what it matters to you. What does the pain a person feels when stepping on a small brick mean to you? Perhaps being a child, you liked building houses, police stations, etc. Now, you can use the words instead of bricks to build a strong essay. Maybe the pleasure of eating a warm pie right from the oven reminds you of your granny who loved you a lot but passed away because of serious illness. Now you desire to become a health professional to cure others. No matter the motive for which you have decided to compose your essay, make sure it will let the board find out something new about yourself.

Option 4.

Try to create a spell or something like this for a magical ritual. What is needed to perform it? Is it necessary to create a potion or something else? What about its effect?

This option is a little bit similar to the previous one. Here, you also need to create some new words. What differs this prompt from the previous one is the reason. When working on the aforementioned option, you have to create the words that would serve as a reflection of your past, while here you are supposed to look into the future. What problem are you going to address? Note that the issue you would like to deal with may be unreal. For instance, what boring undertaking you want the spell to complete? What an extraordinary site would you like to go to?  Once you decide what to explore, think about the effect the spell may have.

Working on such a prompt is rather exciting. For example, if you desire to create a spell to be able to wake up very early, you will be required to drink your potion the night before so that it takes your body from the bed and move it to the bathroom to have a cold shower. Perhaps you desire to create a spell that would help you do the laundry meaning that you will not have to do it on your own. Explain why you desire to create the very spell.

Option 5.

Imagine that you have a deal with a chief officer of Admissions. It states that you will get accepted to the University under any conditions. It means that you will be a given a blank sheet of paper on which you will be able to write, paint, or sketch everything you want. No limits will be imposed on you! However, what is the catch? Whenever you apply for a job, go to a blind date, etc., your submission is the first thing people will see. Even before you say “Hi,” they will gain the first impression about you. Thus, what is on you submission page and why? If your admission project is a visual and very large one, you should provide its interpretation on a separate sheet of paper. Keep in mind that your explanation should consist of not less than 300 words.

(P.S. Bear in mind that this prompt is rather creative. You will need to take all your imagination to compose a fascinating piece of writing. Still, if you choose this option, you are not granted to be accepted to the University of Chicago.)

If you are an artistic person and like dealing with visualizations, pick this prompt without hesitation. Whatever the term “visualization” means to you, i.e. an artwork or a list of formulas and charts, you are the only one to decide what to base your essay on. Even if this essay is claimed to serve as a tool giving readers the first impression of yourself, it does not greatly differ from other kinds of essays.

There are still a few things you need to pay attention to. If you have performed a very short piece, it has to be rather powerful. Your work should give readers a clear understanding of the highlighted issue. Remember that it is essential to stick to the topic, i.e. visualization in this case, when writing your paper. Therefore, before beginning preparing your essay, make sure to select the matter you want to describe.

It should be admitted that your visualization may be a combination of several items, methods, or techniques, e.g. a chart mixed with a diagram, a picture made of pins, etc. That is why you are free to use the methods for making your visualization alive which you consider the most suitable. For instance, if you are always interested in generating and developing fresh ideas, you can make a picture depicting the work of your brain by means of a colored diagram. It will show readers how your thoughts are created and transformed into great ideas. Do you need more hints about what to write your paper on? For example, you can prepare an essay focused on your inner world, or the story which you would like readers to hear.

Option 6.

Ask your own question or select the one from the previous prompts. Try to be unique, intriguing, and inspirational. Display your best qualities, skills, talents and traits. Present yourself as a remarkable citizen and a prospective student of the chosen educational institution. Do not be afraid to sound funny. Express yourself fully!

The prompt of such type is offered to the applicants every year. Tough it gives much space for imagination, it, at the same time, is rather complicated to being handled. In order to get a clue about how to compose a profound piece of writing concentrated on the items mentioned in this prompt, have a look at the prompts that were given to applicants previous years. Perhaps you will find some interesting ideas for your essay.

Frankly speaking, crafting such an essay is complicated, as it is rather intricate in its nature. Nonetheless, if you write it well, your efforts will be rewarded. You should understand that the chief purpose of the admission board is to see how your brain works and what makes you feel great. Therefore, if there is a subject which you are keen on or the concept which you desire to develop, feel free to do it. For example, there was a case when a candidate was asked to create a paper about large tubes of ketchup in one of the famous supermarkets. Instead of writing an ordinary paper, the candidate carried out some experiments on the ketchup and created a detailed laboratory report presenting the obtained results.

In case you are aimed at creating a more academically sound paper, you should avoid using too much slang and jargon. Create clear and logically connected sentences. Certainly, the admission officers specialize in different subjects. However, it does not mean that they enjoy deciphering applicants’ works full of vague terms.

To Conclude…

Now, after reading the aforementioned prompts, you can probably answer the question, “How hard is it to get into the University of Chicago?” If you want to get admitted to the University of Chicago, you will need to lean over backwards to produce an informative and though-provoking work. Still, a good thing is that the more supplements you create (as required), the more chances you will have to get accepted to the University.

We believe that the provided tips will help you write a worthy admission essay. You should not be shy to search for the admission essays of the applicants who have already entered this educational institution. Perhaps they will help you determine the direction to move in.

University of Chicago Application Essay Sample

To the Admissions Officer,

University of Chicago

RE: Application for Early Decision to University of Chicago.

I am a young student, enjoying senior year in high school. Anybody scrutinizing my private life would find out I am a straightforward person, interested in IT and forensics. If I were found by anybody in my room unprepared, the person would find me browsing web in search of documentaries and criminal investigation software. I like Faces 4.0 computer program, possessing a unique option of storing the faces of all the criminals caught in the past (Loftus 2002, 70).

I enjoy spending time with my uncle who runs his own investigation company. One day I went for a visit and met him dealing with a complicated investigation. The suspect deleted some files from his computer, and they were essential in providing the evidence of the crime he had committed. I happened to know how to handle the data recovery software, and I recovered the deleted files. At this moment I realized that this was the career I would be most comfortable to go for. I wish to specialize in this career since I have a developed childhood passion in the same field. A chance to study at Chicago University would allow me to succeed in developing my future the career (Gerson 1998, 68-70).


  1. Gerson, M. (1998). The price of applying early. U.S. News America’s best colleges. Washington, DC: U.S. News & World Report Inc., 68-70.
  2. Loftus, M. (2002, September 23). Early decision. U.S. News & World Report, 70.

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