Personal Statement

My interest in joining Michigan University dates back to my junior school years, where I scored good grades in sciences, languages, and arts. My academic excellence in junior school made me realize that I needed to join one of the leading universities in the country for my undergraduate studies. During this time, it was not very clear to me if Michigan University was one of the leading universities in the country. However, when I joined high school, it became clear to me that my university of choice would be Michigan University. This happened when I learnt that Michigan University is recognized internationally.

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I learnt that the university has 19 schools and colleges, which offer various internationally recognized academic programs. Furthermore, I learnt that Michigan University offers undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate studies. This made my interest to join Michigan University to grow even further because I was looking for an institution where I can be able to undertake all my studies right from undergraduate to postgraduate levels. Besides, I am aware that Michigan University’s academic program offers its students an opportunity to tailor their academic experiences towards their careers by assisting them get reputable organizations for their internship programs. This has made me consider Michigan University as my university of Choice.

Apart from academic knowledge, I am looking for a university where I can gain more knowledge about life. Since Michigan University admits both local and international students, I am optimistic that my stay at the university will help me interact with students from different cultural and social backgrounds, thus increasing my life skills.

My interactions with several of the alumni have made me aware of the excellent facilities in your institution, thus deepening my interest to join the university. I hope you will give me an opportunity to broaden my academic knowledge at your institution.

Thank you.