Montclair State University Application: How to Provide an Effective Cover Letter

When you need to write a college admission essay, it is essential to do your best in order to make the application process successful. What is most important, you need to make sure your application essay stands out of the crowd. If you want to enter Montclair State University, it is recommended to send a cover letter to highlight the best traits, qualities, and skills you have, which can help you get your desired position in the educational establishment of your dream. With the help of cover letter, you will inform the admission committee on the specific circumstances you were involved in where you managed to demonstrate your best traits.

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If you are applying for Montclair State University, you can send your cover letter either in a separate package or in the same package where you provide your personal admission. If you prefer common application for college or university, send the cover letter either at the same time you fill in the application or send it to the admission committee a few days prior to your application process. If you send a school-specific packet, you need to provide your cover letter in the same package with the rest of materials.

How to Write a Successful Admission Paper for Montclair State University

Make sure to provide the following details:

  • Why have you chosen this particular educational establishment for studying?
  • What are your academic interests?
  • Why should particularly you be considered for admission?
  • How can your educational background and academic skills contribute to your studying?
  • Do you have special connections to the school of your choice?
  • What is your specific request? Why do you want to be admitted?
  • Provide personal and contact information how you can be contacted.

Ways to Stand out for the Admission Committee

An impeccably written cover letter can be an invaluable asset for any student applying for a college or university. A cover letter is a kind of support to the admission essay since it clearly pinpoints to a student’s strength and reflects his/ her potential and skills. To make sure that you succeed in your application, make sure your admission letters and essays are free from errors.

Cover Letter Writing

Cover letter writing is an important part of your resume. However, its task is not to duplicate but to complement it. Its main task is to interpret information provided in resume and create a personal piece of writing to impress the employers. In order to provide correct cover letter, it is important to know the difference between it and resume. Besides, it is important to learn more about cover letter format to make it look perfect.

So, what to include in a cover letter? This question is often asked by people who are going to submit their resume but have problems with preparation of a cover letter. To write and cover letter, an employee should remember its main purpose. The task of a cover letter is to make the first impression before the hiring managers will go down to your resume. Very often, the decision whether to read a resume or not depends on the quality of a cover letter submitted. As a result, this short paper should be paid a close attention to in regard to its format and in regard to the cover letter format.

Good cover letter explains the main reason behind your desire to obtain a specific position. Moreover, it should identify those of your skills that can be useful for the specific organization. You can determine the relevance of your skills and knowledge to the company by making yourself aware of the company’s needs.

If your skills are relevant, you need to indicate in which way and how effective did you use them in your past.

Avoid copying other cover letters. In order to make your cover letter special, you need to take a customized approach towards its creating and follow a required cover letter format.

Cover Letter Cover Letter

Cover letter should include the following information:

  • The title of the job/position you are applying for;
  • Information about how you found out about the position;
  • Explanation of why are you the best candidate;
  • Description of what you have to offer to the company and how you can add value to it;
  • Thank the hiring managers for being considered.

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I am writing to you to request for a chance to be enrolled as a medical student in your institution of higher learning. I am applying for this position because I believe am the best candidate of your choice. I am a self-driven and diligent individual who pays attention to results. I believe in providing solutions to humanity as a course for my motivation. For several years, I have engaged in activities that involved helping the less fortunate children in my community. My participation in these events has awakened the desire to care for children as I pursue my career as a pediatrician. 

Moreover, I have always enjoyed working with young children and this passion has continued to grow significantly over the years. My commitment towards any task ahead of me has made me to always work very hard to reach my goals. I can remember in 2010 when my parents decided to move from my native country, Brazil to the United States. I did not welcome this move because I thought that I would not be able to do well in school. This meant that I would not get a chance to attend a medical school. Therefore I decided to learn English and made sure that I became the best in everything that I did, in order to pursue my dreams. My hard work paid off well because today, I am happy to have acquired good grades and the different awards including best student of the month. 

I was a member of several clubs while in school such as the Key club, which was involved with raising money to help the less fortunate children. I also joined SGO club, which helped me to gain my organizational skills through planning different school activities. 

In addition, I work with my local church where I help in caring for the infant and the children as well as serve in different groups that assist the youth and teenagers. 

Attending Montclair State University will provide me with the skills and opportunities that I need in order to fulfill my career goals. Your institution has very good programs that are enriched with pre-medicine curriculum. There are countless opportunities where I can learn hands on experience, coupled with critical and analytical skills, which will give me all the tools to become a well trained and dedicated pediatrician 

Yours sincerely,


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