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Why Redlands?

For one to stand a chance of admission in any university, one has to apply to the university. Since the applicant has no assurance of admission in any university, it is the applicant’s obligation to apply to many universities. The student’s interests and field of the study determine where to apply. I am applying to Northeastern, Boston College, Boston University, Babson College, New York University, University of Pennsylvania, Clark University and, Kenyon College. I have decided to include Redlands in my list because it is a well known university for its excellent school of business. I have a passion to study business, and I want to study in a renowned university. The west coast is a region that is appealing and admirable for a place study. It would be so different there, warmer, and it seems like a peaceful and serene environment for studies. University of Redlands will give me a new experience of life at the coast. For a university, a student should consider the environment of the university. That is whether the environment is conducive for learning and general development socially. The environment of Redlands is favorable for academics and also for students’ social development. Through the years, Redlands University has been known for its qualified and experienced graduates. Being a student interested in business I would like to be part of this success and excellence. Redland University has facilities necessary for academic excellence. It is also popular because of its competent lecturers and adept staff. The management is also proficient; therefore, the students have an assurance of quality service and proper management of the resources.

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In conclusion, the best University is not always a guarantee to success, but the students’ effort and commitment to excellence matters. Redlands is a recognized University. It is famous because of the students’ tireless efforts to achieve academic excellence.