The Spiders is one of the widely acknowledged universities in the world for offering quality education. The University offers undergraduate courses that are well known and accepted all over the world; for this reason, I will be honored with a chance to study in this specific university. Based in Virginia, I strongly believe that there is a lot to learn not only from the institution, but also from the environment. The university lecturers, staff, the facilities in and outside the institution were very favorable for the people who studied in the institution in the past, and I will do my best to utilize the same opportunities with the main aim of ensuring that I reap the best out of it.        

The liberal Arts college is widely known over the world for providing great opportunities for the students that were in the institution in the past. These students had been trained with the skills that enabled them to be very active in their civic life. In this institution, I am sure that I will improve, to a big deal, my civic life that is a little bit wanting. I will be looking at improving my grammar, some aspects of rhetoric, and an addition of some logic in my day to day activities will be very good. This way, I will end up being more articulate and able to gain more knowledge. Moreover, I will be more virtuous in my work. This will help my research which I expect to be very intense.

In the university, the resources and opportunities that are available for research are very helpful to people who seek to conduct their research in the institution. Therefore, I will utilize the world-class facilities of the university effectively to ensure that I get the best results out of them. Hard work and dedication will be the virtues driving me to ensure that I do not waste these very helpful opportunities. It will be important to concentrate on doing the research – and as mentioned above, I will ensure that I not only work hard enough, but also work smart, while seeking the guidance of the lectures and the other staff that are available for assistance.


On these research projects, working alone will most likely be futile without cooperation with professors. It will be my best time to work on such a project, and the professors will definitely give me needed support, and guidance in order for me to conduct research successfully. After all, they have more information and data than me. They have probably been professionals in the field longer than me, or have conducted more research than I have done – thus, they are in the best position to give me support.  For this reason, I will ask the professors that will be in my faculty to help me. Therefore, my research will be peer reviewed, thus, I will have reached my goals.

Through the internship programs, I will be able to gain first-hand information and experience in environment that is very different from the one at the workplace. Armed with such an experience and information, I will be able to practice the things that I learn in class, or have researched, thus, I will be a much better worker in the future. Taking into account the international opportunities of interaction among institutions, I believe that I will have a wider basis not only for research, but also for reference.

For the above reasons, I believe that joining the University of Richmond will be the best thing for not only my research, but also for my future. Due to the liberal arts education, I will be able to spot more opportunities, and be a better civic person. Also, the professors and staff in the institution will help me to conduct my research.

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