International Undergraduate Admissions,
University of Washington,
Office of Admissions,
Box 355852,
UW location
Dear sir/madam,

Re: Appeal For Admission In The University Of Washington

My name is Elsie, an international student at Seattle Central Community College. I hereby write this appeal to request for admission in the University of Washington, Seattle Campus for an undergraduate program. This appeal follows my earlier application, which was not successful. I am a hardworking student, always working diligently to get good grades in my studies. I am also persistent, since I work hard at all times to attain the best. This appeal also serves as prove that I am persistent since I have not given up despite the fact that my first application was not successful.

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I have settled on the University of Washington because it is exceptional. The institution’s environment is conducive for studying, with physical facilities are also in a good condition. The school community and the school environment provide a good study atmosphere. Apart from that, the University of Washington offers career opportunities to some of its students. I believe that I can also benefit from the various career opportunities that may be offered to students. The institution is also famous because it has a rich history and alumni profile. The school is known for its highly educated professors who have good teaching skills. Furthermore, the school offers a variety of activities in areas like leadership and sports, which students can join. I believe that with all these I can benefit a lot once I secure a chance to study in the University of Washington.

This letter is not meant to challenge an earlier decision where my application was turned down, but is a request that my application be reconsidered based on the reasons given in this letter and all attached evidence. I have also had a chance to go through the communication program offered at the University of Washington, which I confirm that it is a good program. I have good communication skills, I practice a lot by participating in various activities and I work hard all the time. Apart from my potential in academics, I can also be resourceful in students’ activities, especially in student leadership. I can use the experience I gained at the Seattle Central College where I served in the team dealing with tournaments and games. I also served at the International Student Advising Council under the International Education Program office and my recommendation letter is attached herein. Apart from that, I also participated in various student organizations and activities including the Football club, Red Cross club, Chinese club, Japanese club and the Squash club. I have also participated in volunteer work:

  • 2012 Oct – Dec at Mary’s place Volunteer where I served at the front desk
  • 2013 as an Eng tutor for ESL class
  • 2014 Jan – Mar at the International Education Program
  • 2014 in student leadership

I believe that my participation in this activities and serving in various positions has given me skills that I can share with students at the University of Washington. I have acquired skills in leadership, events planning and promotion, communication and organizing. Studying communication in the University of Washington will help me to fulfill my goal of becoming an event planner. The University of Washington also provides a multicultural atmosphere, which will go a long way to help learn about different cultures and become a better professional.

I have successfully completed my associate class of art, earned more than 90 credits and completed my AA degree. Gaining admission in the University of Washington will give me new experiences; help me learn more and set higher goals. Therefore, I will become better as a profession.

Whereas I have registered low grades on a few occasions, I would like to point out that it should not be used as a basis of decision making because of the circumstances that led to the results. I had a few challenges in math but I am working hard to improve on the same even though it is not related to my major. In fact, I retook math 142 online in winter but the new grade cannot be used in place of the old grade. It is the main reason for my average gpa. I also have a “W” (withdraw) for Eng 102, which I had to withdraw because I had too many classes. I also have an “I” (incomplete) and a “N”C (non-credit), which I had to withdraw after deciding on the area to major in. Besides, I was adapting to new environment and the English language. However, I have fully adapted and mastered the English language which will help me fit in the University of Washington perfectly.

Having successfully completed the first and second year of communication in the Seattle Central College I qualify for admission at the University of Washington. I also registered good performance in most of my subjects, including registering a score of 100 on TOEFL exam last year. My transcript is also attached. Furthermore, admission to the University of Washington will not affect what I intend to pursue but make it better.  As for the subjects that can only be done from the Seattle Central College, I can apply to do them online. I also understand the admission and graduation requirements for my major and therefore I will have a smooth time with all the paper work involved.

I am looking forward for the reconsideration of my application, ready to work hard when I am given the opportunity. I believe that the University of Washington will play a big role in shaping my future. I also believe that the students of the University of Washington can learn a lot from the skills I have acquired at the Seattle Central College. Your consideration will be highly appreciated. My transcript and letters have been attached for confirmation. Thank you in advance.

Yours faithfully,


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