Are you passionate about learning? With a WashU supplemental essay, you have a chance to demonstrate it. Writing it, the students at Washington University in Saint Louis also get an opportunity to apply for scholarships or achieve the status of a top 10 applicant on the admission list.It is a great challenge for the commission of the university to differentiate among numerous applicants. There are a lot of smart young people willing to become students of the WashU. They have great test scores and really high GPA rates. It is evident that they want to study at the university and it will be beneficial for them to succeed. Still, the members of the commission have to decide who will get the desired status and the task to write a Washington University supplemental essay helps them a lot. Here, at PrimeEssays.com, we want to help you. We can give you the help you need to let you be among the best applicants as your essay will definitely be competitive and winning.

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Washington University, St. Louis: Key Facts

Washington University in St. Louis has a nickname of Harvard of the Midwest. It is a research university founded as far back as 1853 and it has eight schools known as prestigious educational institutions. These eight schools comprise four for undergraduate students. The top-rank graduate programs of the university are the following: School of Medicine, Olin Business School, George Warren Brown School of Social Work, graduate program in education, School of Law, and McKelvey School of Engineering.

George Washington University has its own website with all the background information. It states that the main mission of the university is to assist its students to be the best in the area they have selected. It also aims to develop passions in the students for acquiring knowledge and applying it in practice to make the world around them a much better place.

Whatever goals and interests the students have, WashU gives them a lot of opportunities. This diversity of directions and numerous chances to develop attracts a lot of people from different countries of the world. The acceptance rate of the university is 16%. It means that you have to be highly competitive to be admitted. You have to take this into account, while applying as your future will depend on how successful you are in your application and writing WashU supplemental essays.

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WashU Supplemental Essay: What Is It?

It goes without saying, most of the applicants to the university are highly qualified academically. Writing an essay, they can demonstrate the level of their knowledge and skills. The admission process at the university includes a number of components and a common essay is now not the only one on the list of requirements. The university has recently added writing a WashU supplemental essay as an extra condition for being accepted.

What is the topic for this extra essay? No matter which program you would like to start, the topic is the following:

Let us know what makes you interested in studying at WashU. Give your reasons.

Actually, asking for the answer to the question about the reasons for joining a particular college or university is common. There can be some variations, but the core aspect of writing this essay is to let the commission know why you have chosen this particular school. Also, you need to explain what makes you a perfect fit exactly for this school.
Is it a simple question? Why Us? – the school needs to know. You are interested in attending this college or university, but what makes you motivated to join not any other, but specifically this one. Why You? – this is another question. Why do the school have to accept you as a student, not some other applicant who is as good as you are at studying?
You have to learn how to write WashU supplemental essay to be able to explain why this school is the best choice for you. It is essential to know how you can show that you are inspired and how you can explain your ambitions in the best possible manner.

Your response is to comprise of not more than 200 words. This limitation is strict. So, first of all, you have to gain a thorough understanding of the prompt and only then start writing. You need to cover all the details in this short essay.

Washington University in St Louis Graduate Application: Prompts

Have a look at the prompt. Its main goal is to understand whether you are truly interested in the major you have selected. It also needs to figure out whether the choice of this major has sufficient support in your background.

  1. First of all, you have to explain what motivated you to choose this particular field of study. Was your interest based on any factors? What are the origins of your passion for learning? Did your interest originate outside or inside your school?
  2. The second part of your Washington University St Louis supplemental essay is even more important. You need to explain why this college is the best for studying your favorite subject. So, this answer is to be in line with your response to the question in the first part.
  3. Show instead of telling! This is the key to an effective answer. The admission officers need to feel that you are interested in studies and you have to sound really convincing.
  4. Your personal story can serve you as a good start of a University of Washington admission essay. Tell about the origins of your interest in the subject. Try to illustrate your story with details on how your interest has grown into a sincere passion. Focus on a life-turning moment in your background.
  5. Instead of answering the question ‘What?’ focus on ‘Why?’ What does your choice mean to you? You can say, “I like Engineering.” Still, it is not enough. Your WashU essay is to tell about why your choice of Engineering matters to you.
  6. After that, refer to special opportunities you would like to make use at WashU. Highlight particular classes, topics, subjects, professors, and extra-curricular opportunities which are of special interest for you. You have to emphasize which opportunities at the university go in line with your genuine passion.
  7. Working on WashU supplements, you have to focus on why you fit into a particular academic environment of the school. It is natural for the school to be willing to see your commitment and passion about getting educated.

So, you have to be a perfect fit and the school is to be a perfect fit as well. You need to be specific about your personal goals and you have to know about the mission of the university to give a clear message in Washington University in St Louis supplemental essays.

How to Make Your Essay a Winning One

  • Explain what makes WashU a perfect fit for you
  • Focus on particular academic programs, opportunities in research, professors, programs in internship/externship, chances to study abroad, etc.
  • Tell about your possible contributions to the development of the university.
  • Give evidence about the impact of past/current experience on the campus.
  • Present your views of how you can make use of the resources you get from the university both in the classroom and outside.

Using the WashU essay prompts, you have to focus on the reasons why this school is the best fit for you. It is preferable to choose one or two reasons and connect them with the opportunities of the school.


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Tips on Writing Washington University Supplemental Essays

The art of working on extra essays requires certain skills and we are ready to give you professional support in that.

  1. First of all, we recommend you avoid general ideas and topics. Try to focus on the ideas relevant to this particular school as it is the only way to show your confidence in the made choice.
  2. Secondly, identify the deep roots. Show your knowledge of specific details. Mention the names of courses, professors, and refer to particular opportunities of the school instead of giving vague answers.
  3. Thirdly, do not give any superficial answers. For your Washington University St Louis admission, you need to demonstrate your in-depth knowledge. Mention your interest in sports teams or tell about the meaningful things important to you at school. Do not forget to show that you are committed to classes, not only to extra activities.</p
    Fourthly, mention diverse core values. Your WashU supplemental essay is your chance to convince the officials that they have to choose you as an applicant. What you need to prove is that your values align with the values of the school. This match will make you a perfect fit for the campus; so, you need to learn about the mission, strategies, and priorities of the university. You need to know which of the aims of the university leaders resonate with yours.
  4. More than that, share your goals and plan. In your WashU supplemental essay, you need to show that your career can be meaningful in the long-term run and it can give benefits to others. Investing resources in you, the college needs to be sure that the investment is worth it.
  5. Special attention has to be paid to editing and proofreading your essay. No misspellings! No errors! This is the rule of a good WashU supplemental essay. Seeing mistakes, your readers will get a message that you do not care enough about the results of your admission. More than that, they will doubt that your writing skills are at the adequate level. Asking for help, you will be able to maximize the impact your essay has. PrimeEssays.com is a perfect service that can help you improve the drafts for your application essays, editing and proofreading them.

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Get Expert Help with Your Washington University St. Louis Admissions

Washington University in St. Louis needs information about your desires, ambitions, and plans related to your studies. It is not easy to give all the details clearly in a format of an essay with only 200 words allowed. Without in-depth research and perfect skills of creating content, editing, and structuring texts, you will not be able to tighten your essay up and make it fit the standard.

You want to know how to get into WashU and we would like to help you with that. PrimeEssays.com will give you the required solutions and help you make your dreams come true. Go to the university you adore with our support!

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