Writing a wedding card is a rather intimate process that depends on many aspects. When signing a wedding card, you have to consider a lot of important points. In our guide, we are going to help you understand what to write in a wedding card and how to make it unforgettable. Below, you will find a few things that should be taken into consideration when writing a wedding card:

  • How well do you know the couple? If you are a good friend of a groom, you definitely can make your wedding card sound personal. Knowing the couple well, you will be able to make your message heartfelt. For instance, you may write some of your memories or sayings that are meaningful to both of you. However, if your relationship with the couple is rather casual, writing something general like “I wish you a happy marriage” would be more appropriate;
  • What individuals they are? Your message written on a card greatly depends on the personality of the recipients. A funny message like “You go together like pizza and salami” is perfect for someone with a good sense of humor. However, if they are more reserved, such a message will not be a good choice. In such a way, you may write something like “May your love shine like a brilliant for many years!”
  • Are they religious? If the couple is religious, you may summarize your wedding message with a Bible verse. However, if they are not, writing such a message is not necessary.
  • Are you going to attend the wedding? If you are not going to attend the wedding, you are not obliged to explain the reason on the wedding card. You can just write something like that “I wish I could share this happy moment with you” so that the couple knows that you will be thinking about them on that day.

How to Write a Good Message?

A wedding card is written in order to wish the best to the couple in their journey. If you are invited to a wedding, you may thank them for the invitation. Even if you are close to only one of the couple, you should address your message to both. You may write their first names or just “To Mr. and Mrs. Winners”

If you want to find out how to what to write in a wedding card, make sure to follow the suggestions given below:

Step 1. Congratulate!

First and foremost, you should express your congratulations to the couple on the day of their marriage. This can be pretty simple and straightforward.

My congratulations!

I am so excited for you, guys! I have been waiting for this day since you two started dating;

Step 2. Wish them all the best.

Next, you need to send positive messages about their future. To write a great message, you need to demonstrate wisdom and encouragement.

May your life be full of pleasant moments!

I look forward to seeing how you grow as a family. You two are a perfect match!

Step 3. Share a memory.

If you are invited to a wedding because you are a special person to a bride, you probably have something to say about her childhood, youth, etc.

I remember how happy you were when you started dating! I realized that your match was planned in heaven;

Remember how you wanted to meet your handsome prince? You finally found him!

Step 4. Thank the couple.

Being a part of such a special day is a privilege and you should express your gratitude for that in your message.

Thank you both for allowing me to be a part of this blessed day;

I am so glad to have an opportunity to see your vows.

Step 5. Sign off.

End your message with the signature and best wishes.

Best wishes;

Have a wonderful honeymoon.

If you want to get more wedding messages ideas, make sure to check our ideas or use our visual as a reminder on how to create a message.

Formal Wedding Wishes

The timeless formal wedding wishes allow all the people lacking the time or writing inspiration to send the wedding cards without any problems:

  • May your love flourish throughout the years;
  • Best wishes and love to you both;
  • Wishing you a life full of happiness and love;
  • No two people deserve such a wonderful love experience than you two;
  • Thank you for allowing me to share these emotions with you;

Religious Wedding Wishes

If the people, who invited you on their wedding are religious, you may include a marriage-related Bible verse. Besides, you can write a short message such as follows:

  • God has planned a lot of amazing things for your couple. Enjoy every moment together;
  • Walk through the life hand in hand and may God be with you;
  • Best wishes on this blessed day;
  • Sending my prayers for your happiness and love;
  • Always have faith in God`s guidance and be blessed.

Casual Wedding Wishes

If you do not know the couple well, you may write a rather casual message that will be positive and polite. Below, you will find examples of such messages:

  • Lots of love to you both;
  • I am so delighted to share these memories with you;
  • Hugs and kisses to you both;
  • Wishing you the best today.

Funny Wedding Wishes

If you know that the couple has a good sense of humor, you may write a funny message that will definitely make them smile.

  • Better you than me! My congratulations!
  • Remember, you still have time to change your mind!
  • Marriage is an amazing thing! You will annoy each other for the rest of your lives;
  • Welcome to the terrible word of marriage. You will like it!
  • Hopefully, now you know what to write in a wedding card. Enjoy!

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