If you want to get sufficient information on successful white paper writing as well as to properly understand the definition of what a white paper is, you are welcome to use our white paper guide provided below.

A white paper is used in business writing for sharing the experience your company has in its industry. For example, you can focus on its strengths and the knowledge obtained. Moreover, when writing a white paper, you should also pinpoint what role your company occupies when it comes to effective marketing.

If you wonder how to structure the discussion of the company’s experience into proper words, read the white paper guide provided below and learn a few invaluable tips on how to share your company’s expertise.

Before starting to write a white paper, you should definitely know about white paper structure and what makes a white paper different from a business report. To be successful in white paper writing, you need to be well aware of the slightest differences and peculiarities and focus on the key elements of a white paper.

The white paper guide provided in the article below will shed more light on white paper writing features. Check out the most essential details.


What Is a White Paper in Research?

On the one hand, white papers resemble business report writing but on the other hand there are many differences between these two writing types.

The main purpose of a white paper is to provide an informative document on a specific topic. As such, a white paper is defined as a combination of in-depth knowledge and thorough research into a unified document that puts forward an argument regarding a concrete recommendation or solution.

To be more precise, when reading a white paper, a reader can understand the issue that lies behind a specific business, come up with a solution to a problem or make a specific decision. As a rule, white papers focus on providing extensive data and filling the document with business information. Therefore, it is important to maintain a formal tone and a specific style if you want to learn to write awesome white papers

Purpose of Writing White Papers

The core aim of writing white papers and business papers is to market a specific company and record its expertise. Particularly, a white paper is to be written for the general audience that has no relation to the business. As such, the core function is to attract new readers and make them interested in the company and the products or services it offers.

With the help of a white paper, the new audience can be attracted to the business. Still, it does not merely serve as an advertising instrument – on the contrary, it emphasizes on the core company’s experience, expertise, and valuable features.

If you wonder what makes a good white paper, you need to realize that it is the organization and logical structure that starts with the topic formulation and ranges to the very last sentence of the conclusive paragraph. Therefore, you need to be aware of the main aspects that should be taken into account when deciding on the topic.

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Check Out the Following Major Factors When Deciding on the Topic

  • Target audience

Just like in any other types of business or academic writing, you need to consider your audience as well as its interests and needs. Whenever you are working on a white paper, keep in mind that you need to consider your audience, which may comprise either of new or potential clients to a specific service or loyal customers that have been with the company for long. As such, the information provided in the white paper should be written in a way accessible for comprehension both to the new clients and the old ones. If you can presume what questions in particular may be posed by your customers, make sure you provide answers to them when writing your white paper.

  • Collect the necessary expertise

The information you provide should pinpoint to the company’s sphere of competence. You need to thoroughly investigate the company and focus both on its external and internal policy.

  • Make the white paper based on problems and based on solutions

As you write a white paper, make sure you outline a specific problem or issue. It is important that the proper is topical, timely, and relevant for a specific period. It can be any problem regardless of its main focus. For example, you can investigate new trends, comparison of the industry with the other companies, as well as the changing techniques.

How to Prepare a Successful White Paper?

Block Format

Conduct an in-depth research

When you choose a specific topic to discuss, you need to make sure that you research it inside out. Make sure you devote sufficient time for gathering information from credible and legitimate sources. Use online references, scholarly databases, credible books, and peer-reviewed articles. If a company has an official website, you can extract valuable data and statistical information from there. It is essential for a white paper to contain sufficient supporting information. On the whole, you should use expert knowledge and implement specific research features into the paper to make it credible and trustworthy. Any information taken from the outside sources should be properly cited and referenced.

Content of Paragraph

Pay attention to the other white papers

You can find white paper templates online. If you wonder how to find white papers, please consider that they can be easily ordered from our custom writing service or be downloaded from our website. If you order the paper, then you will get a piece of original writing provided to you according to custom requirements. However, if you download the paper online for free, you can merely use it as a template if you know what is a white paper format, etc.


Use a mind map

To ease the task of monitoring a vast variety of sources and ideas, make sure you use a mind map. With its help, you will be able to devise a catalog of helpful sources.

White Paper Template to Find Out for Free

How to Format a White Paper?

Despite the fact that all white papers are different and each of them should maintain its unique style, there are widely accepted standards of white paper writing. For example, the overall format resembles that of a business report but there are numerous major differences:

  1. The conclusion in a white paper is placed at the end of the paper. It may seem as a logical fact for you but many types of business writing, such as proposals or reports, place the conclusive information at the beginning of the document. In white paper writing, however, the conclusion should be placed at the end to ensure that the reader properly understands the whole problem.
  2. Provide subheadings. With the help of subheadings, your readers will find it easier to navigate through the paper and easily find the required information.
  3. Formulate a proper title. The title you choose should accurately reflect the content of the paper. Moreover, it should be appealing to the reader and be able to maintain attention on reading from beginning to the end.
  4. Provide an abstract. The abstract should be a brief synopsis of your white paper and should precisely reflect on what information you cover. Moreover, after reading the abstract, the reader should get the main facts about the company discussed in the white paper.
  5. Formulate a problem statement. When formulating the problem statement, please provide details on the issue under analysis. You will have to provide a definition of the problem as well as discuss the background information (the context) of the problem.
  6. Provide a separate paragraph with background information. With the help of the background information provided, the readers should be able to grasp the general idea of your white paper. Moreover, they should gain deeper understanding about the context of the problem, the possible solution, and recommendations aimed to change the situation for the better.
  7. Provide an overview of methodology if your research is original and does not rely on any expert evidence.
  8. Discuss the solution. Present the solution to the problem in a clear way. Make sure the solution is grounded on the collected expert evidence.
  9. Write a conclusive paragraph. Sum up the major findings of the paper. Make sure the conclusion stems from the proposed recommendations.
  10. Provide a list of references. Format and cite the sources used in the paper according to the required citation style. Strictly adhere to the guidelines.

Since white papers belong to some of the most effective marketing tools, you need to make sure you write your white paper effectively. It brings numerous benefits to customers; particularly it helps to attract a new clientele base. If you cannot manage your white paper assignment on your own, feel free to order a white paper from our custom writing company. Our company has gained an invaluable reputation over the years and has managed to help numerous customers from all over the world. You can rely on us regardless of the paper complexity, format, and paper requirements.

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Writing the academic white papers may be really complicated. Not all people have perfect writing skills. At the same time all students have to write these white papers in order to receive high grades. Students have to perform a thorough research in order to graduate from college with high GPA. So, there are many elements of a satisfactory essay:

  • Attention to details and use of academic sources;
  • Adherence to the style, professor wishes;
  • Lack of grammatical mistakes;
  • Well-written researched paragraphs;
  • Strong thesis statement;
  • Balance of: ethos, pathos, logos;
  • A satisfactory introduction and conclusion;
  • Coherence of all data;
  • An appropriate referencing;
  • Proved statements.
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