Proofreading & editing process

Are editing and proofreading the same?

Although these two terms are considered to be synonyms, they are actually two different options of document correction. This difference is especially obvious in the writing that has a scientific nature, i.e. in the sphere of academia. Different in their nature, these two ways of correcting a document have one thing in common – both of them require a big deal of attention and focusing and are of paramount importance on the way to the successful academic writing.


Once the document is completed, it is usually necessary to oversimplify it and make sure that its content, organization, and structure are forming a one whole, presentable, lucid and easy to read. It also helps to check if the thoughts and ideas are consistent and coherent, and the text is concise, consistent, and precise.

Your main task while editing your paper is to guarantee that the flow between the sentences and paragraphs is smooth, that the text is organized well and of course that the argument is supported by relevant and adequate evidence. You are to concentrate on the structure, content, general style, list of references, in-text citation and the lucidity of your paper.


Proofreading is a concluding step in the process of editing. Your task now is to detect and remove all the errors of grammar, spelling and punctuation. This step is of paramount importance as in spite of hard work concerning the content, spelling and grammar mistakes can spoil the whole impression of your paper. You are to be maximum attentive and hard working, even if you are exhausted at this final step of your writing.

It is also important to know that a person who is used to the text may fail to detect all the errors. That is why a skilled and experienced eye of the professional can help you submit a research that is excellent in all respects – starting from the content and structure, and finishing with the smallest comma in a complex sentence. is your chance to get professional writing, editing and proofreading services of the best professionals on the market! Only here an excellent paper is our 100% guarantee. We meet all the needs of our clients, both of these who need to have their paper written, as well as of those who need editing and proofreading to be made by professional experts.

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