It is important to realize the purpose of the dissertation discussion chapter while working on it. In specific, it should contain the analysis of the research results, presentation and interpretation of the findings, and expression of your own position in respect to them. In addition, a dissertation discussion chapter should also point at further studies in the sphere and offer the aspects that need to be studied more.

Once it is clear what goes in the discussion section of a dissertation, you can focus on the writing itself.


You should pay a special attention to this chapter, as it is often the first thing that other scholars read to get an understanding of your dissertation. Due to its significance,writing the discussion chapter of a dissertation may require several drafts before it becomes solid and clear. So gather all your patience and start working on it!

Start Writing a Dissertation Discussion Chapter

Secrets to Writing an Outstanding Discussion Chapter

Discussion chapter is a transition zone between the research process and the conclusion, so it needs to analyze the former and predict the latter. However, instead of just restating the numbers and presenting the data, you need to provide comprehensive comments to it and explain everything thoroughly. In addition, you need to focus on the significant facts and arguments only, excluding the unimportant details. All in all, your discussion chapter should show the readers the essence of the whole dissertation and the value of your findings in general. To achieve this purpose, you might consider using the suggestions listed below.

  • Use the type of discourse that presents the information from specific to general. Namely, place every specific fact and finding of your dissertation in the scope of the whole field, showing how it fits there.
  • Your discussion should comply with the introductive chapter, restating its main questions and addressing the mentioned issues. Here you need to revisit the initial predictions and theories with the newly acquired knowledge, derived from your research.
  • Remember about your thesis statement: it should be reformulated in the discussion section and proved with the findings obtained in the course of the research.
  • You also need to refer to the analysis of literature presented earlier and analyze how your findings fit into the theoretical framework of the sources you mentioned. If any inconsistencies in other studies were defined by you, it is necessary to show whether your research clarified them in any way.
  • Prove the value of the findings and their applicability in the research sphere you work with. In case your dissertation failed to cover certain aspects of the studied problem, it is important to mention it, giving other scholars directions for further research.
  • In case some results of your study were ambiguous or dubious, you need to discuss this issue in this chapter. Also, it is useful to compare the actual findings to the expectations that you had before carrying out the experiments.
  • Analyze the limitations of your research. Discuss the factors and conditions that may have impacted the comprehensiveness and sufficiency of the findings acquired.
  • Show how the findings of your study can be applied and used in practice.

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