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If you are reading this post, then you are tasked with writing an article review. And if you are to craft this type of paper, you need clear instructions along with a sample. You have come to the right place! In this article you will find out how to structure your paper and what questions to answer while preparing the assignment. Also, you will learn how to order writing help from one of our experts.

When crafting an article review, consider your audience. It is likely that your audience is already familiar with the topic your assigned reading discusses. In your paper, you need to highlight the contribution that the article makes to this issue. You will also need to conduct a small research on your own. This way you will gather evidence to support your point of view as you will have to take a stance. Seems difficult? Follow the tips below to make the process easier!


Consider the Structure and Organization of the Article

Before you try to understand what the author writes and means in your article, you may look at the way it is structured and organized. This being said, it is better to write your article review, following a simple outline:

  • Summarize the article. Emphasize the focal point or the key message of the writer. Try to emphasize the most important things and leave out unimportant ones. Do not forget to mention the author’s name and his or her credentials.
  • Analyze the strong and weak sides of the article. You need to convince the audience that the writer has been or has not been successful in accomplishing his or her purpose.
  • Analyze any gaps in the author’s logic. See beyond his or her argument and try to analyze the implications the message will have for future professionals. Propose questions to be answered in future studies.
  • Preview the Article. Begin the process by reviewing the article, its contents, and its argument. Imagine that you are scanning the article, starting with the title and up to the very last word written by the author. When you are done with that, return to the first paragraphs of the article and compare the information provided with that in the conclusion. Do you see any inconsistencies? Are there any questions the author fails to answer? Can you create a whole picture of the article, by looking simply at its introduction and its conclusion? Make some notes to help you write a perfect article review.
  • Read Through the Article. This is the moment when you need to read the article one more time.
  • Scan it more thoroughly. Focus on the key points. Follow the notes you have already made to speed up the whole process. This is the moment when you can reconsider the information retrieved from the article in the context of your prior knowledge and professional experience. Do you see that the knowledge provided in the article echoes the knowledge you have already accumulated in your field of study? Prove it. Use any course readings you may have at your disposal to support your point.
  • Can you see anything between the lines of the article, as you are reading it? Do not miss this opportunity to point to any underlying meanings the author might have included in this study.
  • Tell Your Readers What the Article Is about. You can do it in a single paragraph. Your task is to summarize the article’s contents in your own words. Make it simple and understandable to your audience.
  • Create a brief outline and follow it. In your outline, cover the most valuable information provided by the author. Use evidence to support your claims. Do not express your feelings or opinions. Be objective and thorough in your judgments.
  • Now you need to make a decision about what is meaningful and not meaningful in your article. Prioritize among the numerous aspects of the article’s contents and select the most important ones. It is possible that this information comes from only one chapter of the article, or it is possible that each page of the article you have read contains something important for your audience.
  • Finally, you can review the draft of the article review you have just created. Refine and improve it. Revise it as many times as needed to make it perfect. Check if you have followed the outline and make the corrections needed to produce a flawless writing piece.
  • Evaluate the Article Critically and Consistently. Now you need to apply your critical thinking skills to evaluate the article itself and its contribution to your field of study. You must decide if the author has been successful in meeting the goals of writing. Do not make bold claims. Support them with evidence. You may want to stress the strongest parts of the article and their importance for the audience. You may also want to look on the weakest parts of the article and justify your claims. It is not enough to say that you do not like the article or that the article does not meet the needs of its audience. In this sense, you may want to do some additional research. You may find other opinions or empirical evidence, which contradicts the claims made by the author. Use the questions below to help you improve the quality of your article review writing.

Questions to improve the quality of an article review

Article Review Sample For Free

The article “In favour of ethics in business: The linkage between ethical behaviour and performance” touches a very timely issue that considers probably all large corporations. This dilemma comprises the cynicism towards business based on the contradictions between the aim to provide the earnings’ growth to the investors and ethical conduct to stakeholders. In their review of scientific literature, Upadhyay and Singh mark out three components of business ethics that the managerial decisions usually touch. These are choices considering the law, economic and social issues, self-interests of the company and its stakeholders. Having concluded that the ethical behavior of all members of the team is important, the authors mark out that the most common mechanisms of control are codes of ethics and a telephone hotline. However, they are not very effective. The survey showed that the steps to successful ethics should comprise the constant work of a leader, proper guidance codes, rules and policies.

Unethical behavior can harm the reputation of the company and damage the brand value. Therefore, the stakeholders of ethical business are the investors, suppliers, leaders and employees themselves. In general, these are everyone, who is interested in the proper work and development of the company. The article presents  the example of the Shell company that used to have a good corporate reputation in Germany, but has lost a market share because of the accusations in harming the environment in 1995. However, after the incident, in 1999, 40% of the respondents reported a negative view on the company… Read more

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