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Peanut Butter and Jelly Day

There’s no sandwich in America more popular than one with peanut butter and jelly. This is why, no matter what jam one chooses, it is especially deserving of a celebration.Read more

Thoughts on Ecotourism and Green Traveling

We often read and hear about ‘eco’. This word has become trendy, but does everyone know what it really means?Read more

Make It Possible: Paying For College Without Loans

Do you think debt-free graduation is possible for a student? Why do the majority of students use loans to pay for their entire degree? I don’t think you’ve always dreamed of ending up your education with a huge debt.Read more

Best Study Tips

How to become better at studying? The answer is simple – develop efficient studying habits! Once you do this, you will forget the time when studying was a problem.Read more

Top Five Easy Tips on How to Stop Procrastinating

The lack of productivity chases you every day, and you have nothing to do with this?  As soon as you find out how to become more productive, it will be much easier for you to manage your time effectively.Read more

The Story Behind St. Patrick’s Day

Nowadays St. Patrick’s Day is connected with all that’s Irish! Green color, leprechauns, sacks of gold, Irish beer, traditional music are the things that you should expect to see on March 17.Read more

Smart & Sexy Day

Smart & Sexy Day was established to emphasize that women can be both intelligent and beautiful at the same time. Indeed, brains and attractiveness are a powerful combo.Read more

Effective Methods of Teaching Children with Learning Disabilities

Thanks to modern technology, students with different learning abilities have a chance to study in classrooms despite their disabilities that prevented them from studying in traditional schools in the past.Read more

Spring Health Tips Everyone Must Know

Ways of leading a healthy lifestyleRead more

Essay Writing Help: 9 Fun Tips

Do you want to become a good essay writer? Probably, yes. But have you ever thought that you can have fun while writing? Most likely, not. Go ahead and read our tips to learn how to write good essays and enjoy doing it!Read more

Bad Career Advice Parents Should Not Give

In many cases, parental tips on how to choose a career misguide the youth. These mistakes can be avoided after realizing that the modern workplace is different from the classic one. Dear parents, keep abreast and never offer your kids questionable pieces of advice.Read more

The Main Causes of Academic Failure

The time will come and failure finds everybody of us. Being an impeccable pupil at school with all A’s in your certificate will not mean that the road in a college will be as flawless as it used to be at school. The most disgusting fear that you can think about is the fear to […]Read more

Best Study Strategies

Failing a class in college Each of us sometimes has poor academic performance. We become very emotional and cannot control the situation. Here are the best study strategies, which will allow you to avoid failing grade and get good results. 1. Check your marks Sometimes it happens that you may be mistaken about your final […]Read more

History of Presidents’ Day

There are a lot of versions of the idea where Presidents' Day comes from. It is a united day to honor all the presidents of the United States of America. Some people think that this is the observation of George Washington's Birthday. There is another point of view that this celebration of the combined birthdays […]Read more

Conflict resolution tips

Conflict is an integral part of our life. You can be a very polite and tolerant person, but you cannot be pleasant in every situation and with everyone. You may have a conflict in a local supermarket or with your neighbor even when you do not expect it. Dealing with conflict is the necessary skill […]Read more