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The History of Veterans Day

Veterans Day is the best day of the year to honor military personnel and express respect and gratitude for their service and efforts. Read more

How to Survive Finals Week

When the time comes, every student starts wondering how to get through finals week.Read more

The Best Ideas How to Organize Halloween Party Having a Small Budget

It’s no secret that being broke might mean that you will find it really difficult or even almost impossible to throw a fascinating Halloween party without skimping out. In spite of the fact that the struggle may seem frightening, you can take the bull by the horns and still put your plan into action.Read more

How To Be A Great Student

Probably, every student dreams of being the best in school and having the highest rating. In fact, it is not very easy to be successful as studying requires a lot of time and effort, albeit it is possible. These tips will tell you how to become a great student just in a while.Read more

How To Manage Your Time Well

College life is usually quite hectic and busy. You have to combine your education with personal life in a way that you were satisfied with both. Although it is sometimes difficult to manage, there are some golden rules that connected with the most important thing in college – time management.Read more

Tips to Improve Your Writing

Writing can be of various types: from school essays to business correspondence. Regardless of what your reason for writing is, you’ll find the following tips for better writing to be immensely helpful:Read more

Tips to Get Motivated

If to speak about motivation as an abstract noun, we would say that it is some kind of reason that leads people to actions, setting and achieving goals as well as forming particular habits that have a positive effect on our existence in general.Read more

Celebrating Columbus Day

Autumn is coming and that means we are going to celebrate Columbus Day soon. This controversial holiday honors Christopher Columbus for opening the New World in 1492 and pays tribute to the Italian-American legacy in the USA. Why does Columbus Day provoke so much criticism nowadays?Read more

Ways To Be Healthy This Autumn

Autumn is a time of a year when your body has not forgotten about the summer warmth yet and has still not accustomed to winter cold. Usually, this period is characterized by difficult changes of lifestyle. Constant exhaustion, bad nutrition, lack of sleep prevents you from living a normal life.Read more

Living at Home During University: All Pros and Cons

Moving to campus is the inevitable part of any educational process. It is a period when you need to leave your family and school friends and get open to new people and perspectives. Many years ago, the universities within the United States required non-local applicants only.Read more

How to study more effectively

When it takes to study, you eager to use any tip that makes the process easier. Of course, nothing can substitute the good old hard work. However, the overwhelming study makes you struggle and reduces your efficiency. We prepared several methods to assist you in studying more effectively.Read more

First Term: How to Deal with Stress

Being a student, you often face the stress, which is sometimes so hard to deal with. Because of those dreadful deadlines and feelings, you can’t sleep at night, your student life seems to be so miserable and you have no idea how to get things better?Read more

Tips on Ways to Save Money

It’s well known that student life couldn’t be imagined without money, as we are living in the 21st century and you need to cover your living costs and tuition fees that are rising. Improving your budget doesn’t always mean new resources to add to it, it means also to save some money.Read more

University Bucket List

University time tends to be an unforgettable time in your life for sure. These best years of your life will pass in the blink of an eye, so you have to be sure you do everything a true student should.Read more

How to Make Studying More Fun

Is it possible to make the studying process more enjoyable? And if so, how can you do it? The connection between these two words: studying and fun, does it really exist? I do believe that YES! Making your study process simpler and more enjoyable, you’ll definitely learn faster and more effectively with no pain. I […]Read more