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Explore the Animal Kingdom with Netflix

The world around us is full of mysterious secrets, entangled connections, beauty, and life. We have always been eager to explore this life, an integral part of which is the world of animals.

It has been alluring scientists to discover new species, observe animals’ lifestyle, and, if possible, domesticate those incredible creatures. There are many persons among us who are passionate about animals and don’t miss a chance to get to know some interesting facts about wildlife or get some assistance in understanding the behavior of their pets.

With the span of the time, it has become easier to enrich our knowledge about animals with the help of cognitive series for children and family as well as documentary films. And Netflix has become one of the most accessible entertainment companies that provide people with necessary interesting facts about the natural habitat and the lifestyle of animals.

All the animal lovers willing to know more about predators and pets may have a look at the short list of worth watching movies and series available on Netflix.

The Champions


The Champions

It is a moving documentary about the breed of the dogs called pit-bulls. It is a story about 47 dogs that became victims of a brutal undertaking by Michael Vick and their miraculous rehabilitations.

The documentary conveys the cruelty of people towards the breed of pit-bulls, which by the vast majority of us are considered to be the most aggressive breed of dogs. According to the documentary, it appears to be a complete misconception! In reality, people and their training influence the dog’s behavior. There’s no such phenomenon as “inherently vicious dogs,” but due to bad people, due to inappropriate training, pit-bulls have been given such a bad rap.

We observe how a group of experts give the condemned dogs a second chance and how most of the doomed pit-bulls successfully go through rehabilitation.

The Champions won’t leave you indifferent and will completely change your mind towards the most forgiving breed of dogs – pit-bull.



The Lion in Your Living Room


Another 45-minute worth-watching documentary reveals us secrets of life of the most popular pets – the cats. The movie deals with the dual nature of cats, which have been domesticated and whose ancestors are considered to be the wildcats of the species called felis silvestris lipika.

We learn about the predatory nature inherited from their ancestors and the cats’ ability to exist without humans. The movie explains us why cats are hunters by nature and what unique physiological features help them to survive on the daily basis. It is impressive how senses, play, movements reveal your pets’ wild ancestry and what secret sounds cats make in order to communicate with their owner.

This fascinating movie will help you to understand the behavior of your lovely kitten and its true nature of predator.



The Hunt


It goes without saying that a set of series from BBC The Hunt remains to be on the top charts among nature documentary ever presented on the screens of your TV. Unique episodes give the viewer a chance to observe the lifestyle of predators and their preys in the natural habitat, their hide and seek, search for food, and different strategies for catching.

Episodes of The Hunt seem to catch the brightest moments and the hardest challenges that predators and preys encounter in order to survive. Sometimes, the scenes are so explicit that it is impossible to leave your eyes open. Moreover, well-aimed music intensifies the expected effect and influences the viewer’s perception.

Unique shots of polar bears, sea lions, blue whales feeding their babes, cheetahs, shots of attacks, and chasings prove that all scenes are filmed for real, sometimes unexpectedly, and offer us an opportunity to travel to the most pristine territories and observe the most realistic episodes of the wildlife.

With The Hunt series you are able to witness some of the most riveting showdowns in the animal kingdom as cameras capture almost every vital moment to provide you with a clear understanding of the laws of survival.



Secret Life of Dogs


Another great option for those who prefer series to full movies is Secret Life of Dogs. The series comprise various episodes that reveal the true canines’ nature, secrets of their existence, show results of brilliant researches, and help the owners to determine whether their dog is left or right-pawed, explains why dogs bark and how their bark might have evolved for human’s benefit. Secret Life of Dogs is a very informative way to get to know our pets better and learn impressive stories about how dogs rescued other people’s lives.

Enquire more facts about your “best friends” with Secret Life of Dogs, so you aware of their important role in your routine.



Baby Animals In the Wild


Eight minutes series from Baby Animals In the Wild are aimed at the audience between the ages 4-10. The episodes unveil the natural habitat of wild inhabitants of our planet, their secrets of life, their behavior, and their habits in an easily understandable way so that the curiosity of the youngest viewers is completely satisfied. The series consist of bright memorable pictures of animals and videos accompanied with a clear interesting text, so the young children can explore the wild world on their own, setting off for journeys to the incredible world of animals’ adventures.