Dear Sir/Madam

This application letter is connected to my inclination to pursue Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) program from the prestigious Duquesne University for the academic year 2013-14. I would like to forward my candidature to the Liberal Arts Department of the University and request the department to consider my application for the IMC course.

My interest to pursue Communications as a career option originated during my college studies, where I took a strong interest in understanding the fundamentals of advertising, marketing communications, public relations, etc. I had taken part in many competitions like new product development, making advertising plans, wherein I realized that my core strength lies in the area of strategizing communication programs for marketing events.

I have undertaken my graduation in Bachelor of Management Studies with specialization in marketing from Nairobi, Kenya, from which I originate. My peers, teachers and professors appreciate me for my hard work, sincerity and ability to prove myself as a continuously learning and growing individual. I am also good at subjects like computer sciences, psychology, mathematics, strategy, etc.

Being a citizen of Africa, I understand what an important role communication can plan in our day-to-day lives. I have arrived to the U.S. to pursue my career dreams and aspirations of becoming a successful advertiser. I am a person of strong will and I believe that a person can only achieve something if he has the ability to dream and aptitude to realize his dream.

I have undertaken projects in marketing communications from both profit and non-profit firms. I have been assigned the task to make creative ads along with my team, while working and coordinating with the media companies to put them on air. I can say with confidence that my supervisors and managers were very satisfied with my work and I received a couple of rewards as the recognition.

I would like to put a strong foundation of my career by stepping into the top ranked course – Integrated Marketing Communications – from your esteemed University. I have received good feedback from my peers and colleagues, who have stated that learning IMC from Duquesne University paves a way towards a successful career in communications. It also makes the student job-ready in a rapidly changing business environment.

With the help of distinguished faculty and state-of-the-art infrastructure at Duquesne University, I believe I can hone my skills in order to perform the role of a communications planner and strategize effectively. I would like to inculcate communication practices that are adopted in varied contexts concentrated mostly in the advertising field. I would like to explore and get an in-depth understanding in the subjects that you are focused on teaching to students, particularly PR, rural communications, communication and community relations, event planning, interactive strategies, etc. (as cited at Integrated Marketing Communication, Duquesne University website).

I am hereby enclosing all the necessary documents and transcripts of records along with the letter of application. I have also appeared for SAT and the score sheet is enclosed herewith as well.

I can assure you that as a student of a prestigious University you would find an able, dedicated and learning individual in me. I hope to receive a positive response from you and would be delighted if my candidature is accepted by the institution.

Yours sincerely,

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