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Multiple Choice Test Example

  1. You have first time homebuyer who is going to settle on the purchase of a $156, 000 home with a 90% loan at 10% interest. Two discount points are being charged to close the loan. What is the total dollar amount for the points charged? d) $3.300.
  2. What is the maximum mortgage payment that will be permitted by the lender? b) $2.430.
  3. What is the maximum PITI payment if the buyer did not have the $750 in monthly debt? c) $2.130
  4. The Federal Tax Code allows the investor in real estate to take depreciation on the: a) improvements.
  5. The difference between fair market value and any outstanding lien on a property is known as: d) equity.
  6. Which of the following is a balloon mortgage? d) a blanket mortgage.
  7. When the salesperson takes the buyer to the property what will XYZ Realty’s agency relationship be in this transaction? c) undisclosed dual agent.
  8. What was Salesperson’s relationship with ABC Realty? a) agent.
  9. A broker may act as an agent for both parties in a transaction only with the permission of: a) both parties.
  10. The expenses of a property do not include? c) insurance.
  11. Which of the following have no active management control of an investment? c) a trust beneficiary.
  12. Which of the following is most likely to be an independent contractor? a) registered broker.
  13. Which of the following is not a component of an investor’s equity? b) Mortgage reduction.
  14. An investor wants to put a second mortgage against a property and use the money to purchase another property. This second mortgage would not be a: c) purchase money mortgage.
  15. A funding fee is required with which of the following: a) VA financing.
  16. ‘Weighting’ is a very important characteristic of which approach? c) capitalization.
  17. A real estate salesperson can lawfully accept a bonus from: c) employing broker.
  18. For a real estate salesperson to be considered an independent contractor under the ‘statutory method’, all of the following conditions must be met except: c) the salesperson contributes to Social Security on his/her productivity income as if he/she were self-employed.
  19. All of the following statements are true about appraisal except: d) judgment is of primary importance.

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  1. At a multiple-Listing Service’s annual picnic, a group of salespeople from different companies discuss commission fees. Which of the following is correct statement? c) This activity is violation of anti-trust law.
  2. ABC Realty manages several apartment complexes. Which of the following policies is a violation of the Federal Fair Housing Law? c) refusing to rent to people between 18 and 22 years of age because they have too many parties.
  3. In appraising, depreciation is considered when using which approach to value? a) cost approach.
  4. Converting a property’s income into an indication of value is known as: d) capitalization.
  5. The mortgage program that will help senior citizens that are house wealthy and income poor is: d) reverse annuity mortgage.
  6. A triplex is settled on June 15th. The school taxes of $1, 026, due last Juy 1st, are unpaid and the county taxes of $435, due January 1st, are paid. How much will the buyer net from all prorations? c) $747.62.
  7. Which of the following is in the primary mortgage market? c) VA.
  8. The contact between the listing real estate brokerage company and the seller of a property is what type of agency relationship? b) special agent.
  9. A broker can indemnify themselves against legal actions by these with whom they are deal by purchasing c) errors and omission insurance.
  10. Agents who are authorized to bind their employee in a trade or business are c) general agents.
  11. Which of the fiduciary duties continues after the termination of an agency relationship? d) the duty of confidentiality.
  12. All of the following would appear on a written appraisal report except the: b) definition of value.
  13. ABC Realty has a rental management contract that pays a 5 % commission on rents collected. There are 12 units in this complex that generate a monthly rent of $565 per unit. If there are no vacancies for the year, how much of commission will ABC Realty collect in the current year? a) $4,068.
  14. All of the following documents will be needed at settlement except: d) property tax receipts.
  15. The term ‘subject property’ refers to: d) a property being appraised.
  16. An appraisal is to be done on a 20-year-old single story property with an 8, 000 square foot addition. The appraisal will not be interested in which of the following? b) Income of the property.
  17. Which of the following mortgage loan programs allow the mortgagor to repay the loan balance at any time without penalty? c) open mortgage.
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