What Are Thesis Proposals?

A thesis proposal is a short outline or account of a thesis paper someone is planning to write. The task involves listing the main points of the proposed thesis paper and developing a clear step-by-step plan showing how the paper will be written and what it will contain.

A good proposal sets the writer up for success. If an evaluation committee gives their approval to your thesis proposal there is a strong likelihood your paper will win acceptance at a later stage.


The first tricky aspect of writing a good proposal is selecting a suitable topic. Sometimes, a tutor or mentor might suggest a certain topic or problem worth investigating, but this rarely happens. Therefore, you should be prepared to choose your own topic.

It is not necessarily easy to identify a suitable topic or problem to write. At times, learning how to produce a worthwhile paper can involve writing about a number of different topics, carrying out extensive research, analyzing collected data, creating a rough or initial outline, and so on.

Outline for a thesis proposal


Tips to Make Writing a Thesis Proposal Easier

Regardless of whether your thesis proposal is for an undergraduate or PhD program, there are certain rules you will need to adhere. The following article lists some of the points worth considering if your project is to turn out well.   

  • As noted above, it is very important you choose the right topic. To succeed in this, do your best to identify an area you feel passionately about because you will soon become bored trying to investigate a topic that does not interest you. It has been noted, for instance, that most students do especially well with topics that are personal to them or related to their own experiences. As well as this, make sure there is enough source material available for a topic before you finally decide on something. Where topics are too wide-ranging, they will need narrowing down and you will have to deal with an overwhelming amount of material, which means extensive reading and this can become tedious. Similarly, if a topic is too narrow, you may not be able to find sufficient material to support your research problem and your subsequent arguments.     
  • Once a topic is chosen, you will need to develop a research problem or question. Here, you could begin by determining who your readers will be and what the reason for investigating this question or problem is. Once your readers are known, you should have an idea how to focus your work so that it grabs their attention. Additionally, evaluation committees are usually multi-disciplinary and can include experts in other fields. Consequently, technical terminology may need to be defined since some members of your committee may not be familiar with specific terms. A “better safe than sorry” approach is best here i.e. providing sufficient information rather than too little. However, you might think it is best to use quite plain language that is easy enough to understand rather than filling your paper with complex definitions and concepts.
  • The next thing you need to do is look at previous work that has been done in the field your topic relates to, compare this to what you are doing, and show how your research will contribute to its field. Essentially, one aim of a project like this is to demonstrate that it is necessary to research a particular topic and that your work will contribute in a meaningful way. Projects like these are deemed worthwhile when they add new information, new methods of research, new solutions, or uncover evidence that supports a particular concept, theory, hypothesis, etc. Remember, it is vital to get the attention of readers from the outset. Often, the first few sentences can indicate to an evaluation committee whether a project is worthy of attention. So, make sure these sentences are effective.
  • Your next task is to structure your paper properly. A thesis paper is structured in a more elaborate way than other papers. While there are some parts that are common to all thesis papers, other parts are optional with much dependent on the peculiarities of the project. To ensure your paper is structured correctly, start by creating an outline because this will help you set out your thoughts logically and ensure the transition between paragraphs is smooth.
  • Another notable thing about thesis structure is that papers like these are written backwards to some extent. For example, it is best to complete the body of your paper, which covers most of your research, before you write the introductory and abstract chapters.
  • As well as the outline, you may have to produce several drafts for your supervisor’s approval. This will allow you to alter the progress of your paper in the event changes are needed. Furthermore, this series of draft papers will help ensure your paper is ready for submission on time. This is because the majority of work will be completed by this time and the arrival of the deadline will not take you by surprise.  
  • You also need to pay attention to your paper’s formatting. Use the usual devices correctly e.g. line spacing, headings, font type, indentation, etc. The consistent and proper use of numbering and paragraphs will help readers follow your train of thought.
  • As well as these things, there are other considerations such as, for example, the tense. A proposal may be written in the past or the future tense but the thesis itself needs to be based solely on the past tense.

As can be seen, you will need to keep several factors in mind when writing a thesis proposal. This can be particularly difficult when there are personal commitments you need to attend to and have not enough time for everything. In these cases, a good writing service can be useful.

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Where Can You Get Assistance With Writing a Thesis Proposal?

Undoubtedly, it is quite difficult to write a good thesis proposal. It is not a case of just finding and synthesizing relevant information; it also means analyzing the topic thoroughly (after spending time choosing it). Additionally, while preparing for this project, most people also have to sit and pass exams. All this work can cause frustration, particularly for students who work full-time as well as having other commitments that take up a lot of time.   

It may be that you are attending writing workshops that cover proposal writing. Still, as has been shown, these workshops are not always able to motivate the student or kick-start their project. Worse still, they can even cause further despair. Also, attending workshops eats into precious time, again making them not the most attractive option.

Little wonder then that, at some point, many students consider getting professional assistance. This usually takes the form of entering various search terms into a search engine. Clearly, it is also tempting to think about getting free sample and example papers online. This, however, is something we advise against since many of these papers are often plagiarized and laden with mistakes. Taking such a risk with your education is just not worth it. 

So, what options do you have? Is there anyone to provide the assistance you need with your thesis assignment? If it is the case you do not want to look through the many writing services on the Internet, there is no need to. Fortunately, PrimeEssays.com offers a superb writing service and our writers are capable of addressing all your writing problems.

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