Every type of writing requires an elegant ending, however, if we are talking about postgraduate or Ph.D. works, the concluding chapter is one of the most important parts of the paper, as in presents the result, summaries the result of the research and defined the scholar outcome of this particular work. Even though you may feel excited that the end of the hard work is so close, it may be too soon.

Definition of a Concluding Part of a Dissertation

Any conclusion is supposed to bring readers attention back to the specific research question you began with. In simple words, this a short form of your whole research and it should restate your thesis, briefly describe your arguments, present concepts and findings as well as define the novelty of this research.

How Long is Conclusion Chapter?

Depending on the academic level and the specific requirements of your educational establishment, the length may vary from 5 pages for an undergraduate and Master’s paper up to 15-20 pages for a doctorate paper. However, you need to check the requirements from your university and consult your supervisor, as your field and research question may influence the length of an expected conclusion chapter. Some professors recommend that the dissertation chapter should not exceed 7 to 8% of the general word count


What is the Structure of a Thesis/Dissertation Conclusion Chapter?

While it may seem obvious, let us remind you once more that you need to include:

  • An introduction that focuses on your research question and hypothesis, as well as presents the goal of this research;
  • All the concepts, theories and new finding that your paper has covered and presented as a part of the research;
  • The practical implication if your findings and whether there is place for further research within this particular approach and subject;
  • An explanation of whether the research goal was achieved and how it contributed to the general knowledge.

Some academic fields or specific studies may require a recommendation included in the conclusion. This refers to the practical implementation of the results or the need for further research on the subject. You may also add a paragraph or two about the future work within this hypothesis or topic.

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There are also some things you need to keep in mind while creating your final part of a dissertation:

  1. Do not include things that were known before your research.
  2. Avoid any reference to failed approaches and theories.
  3. Do not introduce any new ideas or concepts in your concluding chapter.
  4. Your concluding chapter should support whatever was written in main chapters, not contradict them.
  5. Do not include any quotes and to try to reduce the number of references in your concluding chapter. Instead, bring the focus to the work you have done.
  6. Your concluding chapter shall be a short presentation of work you have done to someone who is not willing to go through the whole 200-page writing.
  7. Be careful with the tenses used in the research and conclusion chapter, as they have to match.
  8. Remember, that every chapter of your discussion has its own introduction and conclusion, so try not to duplicate information written there.
  9. Do not let yourself jump into the wild conclusions that do not have enough evidence to back your ideas up.
  10. While your research work is extremely important to you, there is no need to boast about it and imply that the results may be used for federal decision-making process or governmental programs.
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Depending on the requirements from both university and your supervisor you may need to either submit your whole dissertation or just a conclusion part.

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