One of the things that many students literary hate, is revising their own paper after writing. People cannot see the mistakes they made, as they know the text so well, they tend to skip them and continue reading.

Essay Revision

What is the essay revision anyway? It is a complex approach that allows you to allocate and correct mistakes, typos, logical fallacies and problems in the content. Revision is an important process of writing as it helps you polish your paper and achieve better results. While revising a paper one needs to ask themselves numerous questions, such as:

  • Are the sentences structures clear?
  • Does the order of paragraphs make sense?
  • What is the main message I want to share and is it delivered effectively?
  • Is my tone formal enough?
  • Are the introduction and conclusion cohesive?

These are just some of the questions you need to think about, not to mention spelling and punctuation, which can be quiet tricky.

Why Would You Need a Professional Revision Help?

First, the revision process may take as much time as essay writing itself, as you need to approach your paper multiple times in order to find and correct all the problems. Next, you might need to consult the formatting guidelines (for example 6th Edition of APA  formatting guide was recently released) in order to get all the details right. You will have to spend some time checking your referencing, proofreading and editing your essay.

If you still think that your professor will give you the highest grade simply for the fact that your ideas are brilliant (and regardless of the quality of writing) you are mistaken. You need to submit a perfect paper in order to get the highest grade.

Prices for Essay Revision at PrimeEssays.com

We understand that revision is the necessary part of an academic life of every student, so we tried to make it as affordable as possible. For example, revision 1 paper of high school essay will cost our client $10.99 within the longest deadline, whereas 2 pages of college paper will cost $29.98 to be revised in 7 days. If you need more detailed information for other academic levels or deadlines, please consult our Pricing Policy Page.

How to buy
Submit revision requirements and proceed with
the payment.
Check your e-mail (save order confirmation for furute reference).
Login to your account and communicate with the writer/support.
Download your revision from the link in the e-mail we send.
Get your high grades and leave a feedback.

How to Order Essay Revision Online?

If you need a helping hand that will save you from doing an essay revision on your own, simply place your request right now and we will help you! First, go to the order form by following the link in the main menu. You will see that you need to fill in your contact information (so we can send you notifications about the order progress and send occasional e-mails about the promo campaigns) and describe the type of services you need. Please, choose Revision in Type of assignment section, select the appropriate deadline, specify your academic level and the number of pages needed. Do not forget to upload the file you need to have revised.

Once you have done that, please proceed with your payment and as soon as we receive it, we will assign the most suitable editor to work on your order. After the deadline is over, you will be able to download your revised essay from your personal profile.

What Else Do We Offer?

If you believe that you do not need the full revision, you could also consider the following services:

  1. Proofreading. If you are tired of looking for all the typos and mistakes, let our expert do that for you!
  2. Editing. Includes correction of spelling, grammar, and punctuation, as well as other language-related problems.
  3. Formatting. If you simply need our help in dealing with all the tiny details of formatting styles, we have experts who can help with virtually anything (APA, Chicago, CBE, Vancouver, MLA, etc.).
  4. Rewriting. If you have checked your paper for plagiarism and found lots of it in your paper, you might need to have your essay rewritten to avoid it.

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If you feel like revision your paper all by yourself feels like too much pressure, remember that you can rely on PrimeEssays.com to assist you with essay revision. Not only will you get the perfect paper as a result, but will also have full control over the process. Place your order right now and watch us turn your essay into an excellent piece of writing!