The growing number of students involved in online and distant learning causes some significant change in the teaching approach, as well as the educational process itself. One of the things that have undergone this change is student discussion, as it has grown into the online discussion board.

As a matter of fact, this type of writing has penetrated the regular courses making many students wonder what this type of writing should look like and how they are supposed to deal with it.

What is a Discussion Board in an Online Course?

If you have any experience in forums participation, you will see that online discussion board is quite similar in the way they are organized and structured. However, they are completely different in their purpose and the format of reply. One of the main goals of any discussion board is to provide the place for scholarly deliberation, so it requires attention to details and profound research.


How to Write a Good Discussion?

Developing a successful discussion requires a lot of effort and usually evolves 4 phases. We would like to shed a light on those 4 phases in order to provide detailed instructions on how to write a perfect discussion post.

Phase 1: Read before Writing

Open the discussion and read the assignment carefully. Pay attention to details and the general tone of the discussion question. Look for any prompts or specific ideas you have to incorporate in your reply.

Check your weekly reading in order to establish the connection between the discussion and material you are supposed to cover. List all ideas you have and cross out anything weak or obvious.

Phase 2: Draft Your Post

We recommend using a word processor to work on your post. This will help you check the writing and avoid information loss in case your browser crashes. You may find out that if you copy paste the prompt into your post, it will be easier for you to answer the question. Do not forget to erase it once you have finished writing. Add examples, quotes or personal experience (if applicable), to support your ideas. Pay attention to length and content of your discussion post template.

Phase 3: Edit and Review

Check out if your post replied directly to the questions. Check capitalization, formation, and spelling twice, as you may be losing your grade because of some silly typos you did not notice. If required, did you reference any sources and is your formatting appropriate? If you feel like there is something wrong with the post you have written, it may be better to refer to professional editors to take care of your writing.

Phase 4: Pre-Post

Once you are done with your writing, open the discussion and check for any new replies from other students. Post your answer in regards to what has been written before and make sure you mention that in your post by agreeing, disagreeing or simply adding to what someone has posted. If you are the first person to post, keep an eye on discussion and make sure to ask questions along the way.

How to Write a Good Discussion

How to Create Discussion Questions to Evoke Replies?

Discussion implies asking questions, and online writing discussion is no exception. However, you need to remember that many people do not work well under pressure. And it is almost impossible to expect people to learn how to respond to a discussion question in a hostile or extremely competitive environment. Try to stay friendly and make your questions sound professional, rather than angry or accusable. Do not attack people; make sure you keep things polite and formal. If you have noticed some discrepancy or mistake, just point at it or ask the author to clarify information.

Writing effective scholarly discussion posts and replies means finding the balance between science, deliberation and safe communication platform for every student. Students have to take into considerations every single detail: what the question is, how this discussion relates to the subject, what facts have been mentioned before, how their post contributes to the discussion and is it will logically fit in the thread.

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Writing Online Discussion Board

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