The University of East Anglia always welcomes gifted applicants who can make a significant contribution to its all-round development. That is why its main purpose is to make the admission process easy for those applying to it. The administration of this educational establishment wants the admission procedure to be transparent and aimed at revealing the candidates’ talents and potential.

The admission policy is designed for the candidates of different academic levels (full-time and part-time postgraduates/undergraduates, those holding BA and MA degrees, etc.) and corresponds to the established academic plan. Writing the University of East Anglia motivation letter is one of the main requirements for the applicants.

It should be admitted that the University sticks to the Code of Practice devised by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) and is guided by several legal acts relating to the admission process. These legal documents are concentrated on protecting personal data, human rights, guaranteeing everyone free access to education regardless of their race, age, social status, and special needs. The admission rules are reviewed every year by the university administration.


Application Specifications

Detailed information about the admission requirements is provided on a special tab which those who desire to apply to the university can check anytime.

It is obligatory for the applicants to meet both general and specific admission demands. However, in some exceptional cases, students who have not satisfied specific requirements may be accepted. In such a situation, the admission board does not make the decision themselves. They ask the Chief of a particular School for their consent and only then accept the candidate. One should keep in mind that such special offers are made to those students who prove they are skilled and knowledgeable enough to complete the chosen course successfully.

If you decide to apply to the mentioned academic institution, you need to create a powerful University of East Anglia motivation letter. Remember to provide accurate information only. In case the board identifies any false data in the submitted files, you may be prohibited from applying to the University. It should be also specified that international students who desire to enter the very university should have a special visa. Before the admission campaign starts, browse the Internet to find out everything about the required visa.

Some academic programs offered by the institution are not guided by the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act. Therefore, the accepted applicants are obliged to provide information about any criminal convictions and guarantee the revelation of such data by the DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service).Such a check is important to guarantee everyone attending the University safe and comfortable studying conditions. Thus, when the admission officers intend to offer applicants to study at the educational institution, they have to be sure that there is free access to the information about their criminal convictions.

All applications have to be processed according to the directions given by the Student Disclosure Service controlled by the very university.

How to Get to the University of East Anglia

Depending on the selected academic program, candidates’ applications will be submitted via different bodies. For example, those aimed at taking Undergraduate Full Time courses should submit their applications via a specifically created service called UCAS. Some application papers can be sent online, etc.

One should bear in mind that current applicant’s achievements are not the only thing the university admission committee pays meticulous attention to. It also thoroughly assesses their skills to ensure they will be able to achieve spectacular results in the future. The applicants should realize that the quality of their application essays and the way they are submitted impact their evaluation. The admission officers believe that it is essential to take candidates’ personal data, background, and previous education into consideration when assessing their applications. The members of the board always mind the opportunities the prospective students have had to achieve something as well as the challenges they have faced during the academic years. They are convinced that such detailed information will help them evaluate applicants objectively.

It is obvious that the assessment of candidates’ application papers directly depends on the number of available places on the specific course. It often happens that the number of those who desire to enroll on a particular educational program is much bigger than that of available places. In such a case, the admission procedure is particularly stringent. The board strives to pick those applicants who, in their opinion, will gain maximum academic benefits from studying at the University and make their own contribution to their prospective academic community.


It goes without saying that interviews are an indispensable stage of the application process. The candidates will be accepted to the chosen educational institution only once the interview is carried out. Though an interview is not an obligatory requirement for all courses suggested by the school, the applicants may still be called for it. Thus, they will have a chance to get acquainted with the university staff and discuss the peculiarities of their application.

The interviews are conducted with a couple of purposes: first – to make sure a particular applicant should be accepted, and second – to discuss the conditions under which the candidate will be accepted. Those going through the admission process will be informed about the date of the interview, its duration, location, and whether any university of east Anglia creative writing piece or test is required to be taken during the interview.

Mitigating Circumstances for Candidates

Mitigating circumstances are taken into account only once all application documents are provided. The University admission board expects the schools and exam committees to inform them about any mitigating circumstances that could affect the applicants’ grades and academic performance.

The applicants should remember that the admission officers may not have the opportunity to take those circumstances into account if they find out about them after the time frame imposed for sending applications is over. If there are any mitigating circumstances that may influence the results of the application process, the committee should be aware of them before or right after the interview.

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Offering a Place on a Course

Alterations to the Courses after Appointing a Place to a Candidate

If the name, structure, or content of the program the applicants are enrolling on changes, they will be informed about all the made changes in a written form. Additionally, the candidates will be given useful tips on how to apply to other courses in case the initial one does not interest them anymore.

Time Span for Processing Applications

The education establishment will strive to process all the received applications no later than within 14 days after their delivery.

In case the applicant is invited for the interview with the board, he/she will be informed about the final decision either in the interview or within 72 hours after it has been conducted.

Conditional Offers Depending on the Applicants’ Results

a. “Common” Offers

The information about the “common” offers is provided on the University webpage and its prospectus. What are “common” offers? They are the conditional ones made to a common candidate after thorough examination of their application documents. It should be admitted that these offers are not the same as the “default” or “standard” ones, and they are not made to substitute a detailed analysis of the candidate’s application.

b. Official Acceptance

Those applying to the UEA have to meet the requirements imposed by any of the conditional offers. The terms referring to those offers clearly highlight the demands that have to be satisfied by the applicants and the conditions under which the waiver will be granted to them.

Non-Academic Preconditions for Admission

DBS Clearance and Health Examination

Some educational programs may require students to check their health before being accepted. Students can find out whether such a check is required by looking through the information relating to a specific course.

Academically-Based Unconditional Application Offers

Such offers mean that the educational establishment is content that the candidate has met the laid down admission specifications. In case such offers are made, the institution will clearly state whether there are any non-academic demands, i.e. DBS clearance, health examinations, etc., the prospective students should meet.

Completely Unconditional Admission Offers

Completely unconditional application offers mean that the UAE is glad that prospective students have satisfied the set academic and non-academic demands. The applicants whom such offers have been made to will be informed about their peculiarities.

Informing Candidates about the Admission Offers

Being informed about the admission offers, students will be also given detailed explanations about the terms and the way they have to respond to a specific offer. The admission offers relating to specific educational programs which are governed by the UCAS will be sent to the applicants via this body.

Depending on the course, the admission offers will be delivered via respective bodies. For instance, those applying to the MA Social Work program will be informed about the offer via the UCAS, while those intending to enroll on the Legal Studies program – via the CAB. Some offers are sent by mail.

Offers outside the UCAS: Admission Deadlines

a. Once the admission offer is made, the candidates will be informed about the time frame within which the response should be provided. Be sure you will have enough time to reply.

b. If no deadline is imposed, the registration date has to be clearly specified (usually at the beginning of the academic year). In case the applicant fails to register on the indicated date, the offer will no longer be valid.


Before rejecting any of the applicants, the admission committee has to think carefully whether they (applicants) can be proposed a place on an appropriate alternative academic course. In case of application failure, all the details should be properly explained to the candidate.

Documenting Final Decisions

The admission officers bear responsibility for making sure that the arguments which the decision is based on are properly documented.


Data Storage Systems

The admission representatives are liable for preserving accurate data relating to the admission process on special University software.

Documentary Evidence

The following pieces of information are to be kept confidential:

Extra data relating to the board’s decision concerning a specific application. The interviews held with the aim of identifying appropriate applicants. The ground of any decisions (denial included) or other information about the candidates.

Statistical Data

The Marketing, Admissions, and Recruitment departments monitor the applications and their processing on behalf of the educational institution. Those departments are expected to keep track of the yearly data about the courses which they are liable for to be able to formulate and introduce respective University policies.


The administration of the UAE believes that reasonable feedback is an important aspect of the admission process. Detailed feedback is provided only at the request of those who have failed the application process. Any comments on the admission process will not be provided to other parties, i.e. family members, professors, etc. Sharing information about the application process is possible with the candidates’ permission only.

If the candidates desire to get feedback on their application, they should send a specific written request within three months after the date the application has been identified as “unsuccessful.” The departments managing the admissions will try to either give feedback in a written form within 15 working days after getting a respective request from the applicant or inform them when it is to be expected.

The admission boards’ feedback is usually provided in the form of a standard text. It highlights the category which the rejected candidate has been referred to. Additionally, the admission officers may give applicants some advice on how to succeed in the future. Normally, the educational institution does not provide such broad comments. The chief of the admission board is the one who decides whether to communicate with the failed candidates after the admission process is over or not, or reconsider their rejection. The decisions about cancelling the rejection should be made in compliance with the admission requirements imposed on the candidates applying to a specific course.

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Example of Motivation Letter for the University of East Anglia

Sir or Madam,

I intend to entrance to exchange student program at the University of East Anglia for the academic year 2012-2013.

My name is Cathy Cheng. Now I am studying in the faculty of science at the University of British Columbia. My specialization is to explore the study of mathematical and economic disciplines.

It is known that the University of East Anglia is a major center of modern natural cycle science which has highly qualified and seasoned teaching staff and a strong knowledge base. In my opinion, an exchange students program at the University of East Anglia is the best way to get a new experience in the field which I study.

On the website of the University of East Anglia I learned that students at your university have opportunity to combine training in more than one area of science. This is very important for me too; it will be possible to study modules of two key disciplines minimum with the opportunity to deepen my knowledge in my specialization. It is important that participation in this program for exchange students will give me valuable experience of communication with other cultures that will help expand my outlook and improve my skills in foreign languages.

Summarizing all the above I would like to say that I don’t afraid to take responsibility and to work as part of a team. I am sure that the experience that will I gain at the University of East Anglia, will be an important addition to my current professional skills. In the future, the knowledge and experience I plan to use in the development of a professional career and this course will definitely increase my opportunities to get a good job.

Thank you for considering my application. I hope for our further fruitful cooperation

Sincerely yours,

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